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  • illegal immigration

    The Obama Administration's Version of Immigration Reform

    As widely noted, President Barack Obama has comprehensive immigration reform on his 2010 legislative agenda. Given the policy changes made during his first nine months, it is clear that President Obama sees reform through the prism of perceived Hispanic votes and union payback. First, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano changed the … More

    Morning Bell: How State and Local Governments Can Help Control Illegal Immigration

    Meeting with his counterparts from Mexico and Canada earlier this month, President Barack Obama said that he expected the Democratic-controlled Congress, after completing work on health care, energy and financial regulation, to draft comprehensive immigration reform bills this year. This time frame acknowledges that no immigration legislation will be passed … More

    Schumer's Amnesty Trojan Horse

    Ruben Navarrette has a thoughtful op-ed in today’s USA Today that tries to dissect the problem with immigration and border security reform. What we are likely to engage in, he forecasts, is “not a debate. It’s a distraction.” The bill being drafted by Sen. Schumer with the administration is incomprehensible. … More

    Immigration: In Case You Are Wondering, Nobody Asked

    According to press reports, last week about 130 “reform” advocates and leaders were asked to come over to the White House and pow-pow on the way forward on immigration reform. “Today’s meeting on comprehensive immigration reform was an important opportunity to hear from stakeholders…” [Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano] said. “I … More

    Missing the Facts on Townhall Concerns

    When health policy experts, journalists and those in the health care system gathered at the National Press Club this week to discuss the facts and fiction behind health care reform, they glossed over one key issue, and dismissed three others that people at town halls across the country keep bringing … More

    Obama Promises Immigration Alamo

    The New York Times reported August 10th: “President Obama on Monday reiterated his commitment to pursuing comprehensive immigration reform, despite his packed political agenda….” He must be serious; Obama has made that pledge to reporters twice in four days. On both occasions, the President also said he plans to start … More

    Cash for Clunkers Sentence of the Day

    “But don’t expect anyone in Congress to admit that taxpayers are paying around $6,000 to provide a $4,500 rebate for a foreigner or illegal immigrant to buy a new car. “ That’s Lurita Doan. She argues: “First, DOT created and staffed an entirely new organization with three divisions to administer … More

    New Immigration Report, Same Old Call for Amnesty

    On July 8, 2009, the Council on Foreign Relations Independent Task Force on U.S. Immigration Policy, chaired by Jeb Bush and Mack McLarty, released a report which attempts to give a solution to America’s immigration problem. The report starts off well, emphasizing that immigration has been positive for America and … More

    Obama Attempts Immigration Street Cred

    The Obama Administration has begun a series of investigations aimed at hitting employers who hire illegal immigrants, notifying businesses of plans to audit their I-9 forms. I-9 forms are forms that every worker needs to fill out in order to be employed legally. This is a great first step in … More

    Obama’s Immigration Meeting: Amnesty is the Wrong Agenda

      Yesterday, the Obama Administration held a closed-door immigration conference, bringing together key members of Congress. It has been reported that this meeting focused on finding a way to push for comprehensive immigration reform in Congress this year. During the 2008 Presidential elections, then-candidate Barack Obama made a promise to take up … More