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    Top 10 Reasons Why I Didn't Sign Up on HealthCare.gov

    The number of signups on HealthCare.gov has been pretty disappointing for the Obama Administration. Sure, the website has had problems, but what else could be keeping people from signing up? Could these be the… 10. There was no app for that 9. Still waiting on my free Obamaphone 8. Link … More

    What Next? Taxpayers Buying Humor Edition (Updated)

    While America debates rising deficits, rising debt, and reckless spending bills, the mood in Washington is understandably sour. For the Americans fortunate to have jobs in this recession, there is still a sense of anxiety about what is around the economic corner. For their jobless friends and family, there is … More

    How Many Liberals Does It Take To Screw in a Lightbulb?

    That’s not funny! This summer the left is hellbent on proving to the world they have no sense of humor. First, liberals had a conniption fit over a New Yorker magazine cover that featured a cartoon of Barack and Michelle Obama. Now, the bloggers and activists that make up the … More