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    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    The import of the recent verification of close ties between Venezuela President Hugo Chavez and the terrorist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) is quickly being accepted as yet another reason to support free trade with Colombia. The Orlando Sentinel editorializes: It’s easy enough to dismiss Hugo Chavez as one … More

    Morning Bell: Why Are Liberals Actively Helping Terrorists?

    On April 26, Barack Obama supporter Bill Richardson met with Venezuela President Hugo Chavez in an attempt to secure the release of Americans being held in Colombia by the Marxist-inspired Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Besides helping to legitimize Chavez’s longstanding goal of becoming a regional power, the meeting … More

    Morning Bell: The New York Times Wants You to Pay Even More at the Pump

    Fast becoming an official communications appendage of the Barack Obama campaign, the New York Times editorializes today on the “petty pandering” of Hillary Clinton’s and John McCain’s call for a suspension of the federal gas tax over the summer. Noting that the policy would not deliver lower prices for consumers, … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    Today’s Free Trade Fact of the Day comes from Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry president and CEO Glenn Hamer who examines the benefits of trade with Colombia for Arizona but first notes: “Things are upside down in this country when the U.S. aids Hugo Chavez and hurts a Latin … More

    The Bolivarian Republic of Massachusetts

    The Christian Science Monitor reports today that “liberals from around the world” are flocking to Caracas “to experience Hugo Chavez’s experiment in socialism.” Liberals here in the United States worried about the carbon credits they’d have to purchase to offset a flight to Venezuela might consider visiting Massachusetts instead. We … More

    Morning Bell: How Congress Can Help Finish Off the FARC

    When Congress returns from spring break March 31, President Bush is likely to send the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement to Capitol Hill, triggering an up or down vote on the deal within 90 days. If Congress can put aside its fealty to Big Labor, then the trade deal will easily … More

    Hugo Instigates Again

    Hugo Chavez is taking full advantage of the death of FARC leader Luis Edgar Devia Silva (aka Raul Reyes) to distract Venezuelans from their crumbling economy. This morning Venezuelan defense minister Gustavo Rangel announced his country was sending 10 battalions of troops to the Colombian border and on Tuesday night … More

    House Rewards Chavez For Not Producing Oil

    We know liberals in Congress are sympathetic to Hugo Chavez leftist agenda, but cutting him a tax break is a little over the line. Yesterday, the House passed an energy bill that raised taxes on American oil and gas companies. Notice the emphasis on ‘American.’ What should surprise everyone is … More

    Trade and Peace in Colombia

    The President made a good case for congressional approval of the three pending trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama and their nearly 100 million customers. It was smart to frame the issue in terms of the many benefits these agreements will give to American workers “to compete with … More