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    PBS: Conservatives Embrace New Media

    Four years ago this week The Heritage Foundation co-founded a weekly policy discussion for bloggers, online journalists and digital strategists. It started as an off-the-record discussion among a dozen conservatives in a conference room at Human Events in 2006. At the time, the conventional wisdom in Washington was that conservatives … More

    The Liberal’s Biggest Blind Spot: Who Really Rakes In Their Government Largesse?

    In recent days, some blogging friends from the left have commented on the U.S. dropping from “free” to “mostly free” in the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom, the Heritage Foundation’s data driven policy guide. The Huffington Post picks up on the long-term erosion of economic freedom in which both political … More

    The Road to Recovery: Restore Economic Liberty to America

    At The Huffington Post Nelson Davis, Executive Producer of MAKING IT! Minority Success Stories, describes his recent discovery of The Heritage Foundation’s 2010 Index of Economic Freedom. He came across the Index for the first time this year and while surprised by the results—showing a decrease in economic freedom in … More