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    Upcoming Housing Bill Panders to Democrats' New Base

    When Congress passed its economic “stimulus” package this February, lawmakers tried to make it look like the plan would help lower-income Americans while not benefiting the rich. They made the $600 tax credit ($1,200 for married couples) refundable and excluded anyone making more than $87,000 ($174,000 for couples) from qualifying. … More

    Morning Bell: Stop the Bailout Parade Before It Gets Worse

    Now that the Senate has passed its “Foreclosure Enhancement Act,” attention turns to the House, which will hold hearings on its own response to the housing “crisis.” As the Christian Science Monitor reports, “at the heart of the emerging consensus is a bigger role for the Federal Housing Administration in … More

    The FDIC Should Stick To Insuring Bank Depoists

    Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. chair Sheila Bair gave a curious interview to US News & World Report this week. While Democrats in the House are holding hearings on a housing bailout that will cost tax payers a minimum of $20 billion, Bair starts the bidding $50 billion: One idea is … More

    Morning Bell: Let Hope Work Now

    With President Bush’s letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi Wednesday and John McCain’s speech in Brooklyn yesterday, now all three presidential candidates and the White House are supporting plans that would expose taxpayers to hundreds of billions of dollars in housing market risk. All three plans would set extremely bad precedents … More

    Who Are the Real Mortgage 'Victims' Here?

    The early narrative of the housing market collapse featured all the usual suspects: sleazy mortgage bankers, shadowy lenders and pushy Wall Street brokers – all of them preying on unsuspecting homebuyers. But now we’re starting to get, as radio legend Paul Harvey puts it, “the rest of the story.” Turns … More

    Who Are We Bailing Out Exactly?

    Polling shows that while 61% Americans oppose bail outs for Wall Street investment companies, 56% support “the federal government taking steps to help prevent people from losing their homes.” Apparently, who is asking for government help and why is crucial to public support for federal government intervention. That is one … More

    What Congress Can't Seem to Understand

    The White House isn’t buying the Senate housing bill. As Benton Ives reports in Congressional Quarterly, President Bush is not too thrilled with the bailout proposal. Why? “The bill will likely do more harm than good by bailing out lenders and speculators and passing on costs to other Americans who … More

    Sanity Returns to Housing Policy

    Building on news that the bipartisan consensus behind the Senate’s “Foreclosure Enhancement Act” is beginning “to crumble,” the White House sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) today outlining what they would accept in housing legislation. The letter includes many strong principles that ought to be congratulated, including: We … More

    Tax Credit Could Depress Housing Market Further

    Question: When is a $7,000 tax credit a problem? Answer: When it makes a bad situation even worse. And that’s just what might happen if Congress enacts a $7,000 tax credit for people who buy foreclosed homes. As Bloomberg News columnist John M. Berry notes, the misguided tax credit may … More

    Devil in Details for House Housing Principles

    Yesterday House Republican leaders issued a joint statement outlining “Principles for Bipartisan Housing Legislation.” Many of the principles are sound in theory, but could also easily open the door to invasive and costly actual legislation. The Heritage Foundation responds to each of the principles below: Support Homeownership. Homeownership is central … More