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    The Cloakroom: June 8 - June 14

    Senate Floor · FDA Tobacco Regulation – S982 · Supplemental Appropriations for Iraq and Afghanistan – HR2346 · Creation of a non-profit to increase tourism in the United States – S1023 Major Senate Committee Action · Foreign Relations Committee – Arms Control Nomination hearing  · Energy and Natural Resources Committee … More

    The Cloakroom: May 18 - May 24

    A a look at what happened last week, and what is coming up this week, on Capitol Hill Senate: Last week – began debate on the credit card bill This week – will finish the credit card bill and pass the Iraq and Afghanistan war supplemental House: Last week – … More

    House Approps Right on Nuclear

    The House Appropriations subcommittee on Energy and Water approved an increase in Energy Department spending to continue work on Yucca Mountain. The $494.7 million budget request was approved for the fiscal year 2009 despite much talk that Yucca Mountain will never be opened. As Heritage scholar Jack Spencer stresses, Yucca … More