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    Check Out the 2010 Budget Chart Book--New and Improved!

    The federal budget is on an unsustainable course with red ink as far as the eye can see, so it is especially important for Americans to understand spending, taxes, and debt.

    The Heritage Foundation’s Budget Chart Book is a user-friendly way to learn about the federal budget in pictures. More

    Video: Spending is the Real Problem

    The Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell and the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation, have produced videos explaining why Keynesian economics is wrong, presenting the evidence that big government hurts economic growth, explaining how big government hurts economic growth,  making the case against the Value Added Tax, and detailing the real … More

    Refuting Leftist Myths with Heritage's Book of Charts

    The Heritage Foundation’s 2009 Federal Revenue and Spending Book of Charts is now available online. Please do keep it bookmarked for those times you need a good visual to refute liberal nonsense. For example: Liberal Myth: Bush’s Deficits Were Worse Than Obama’s. Reality: Obama’s Budget Would Create Unprecedented Deficits