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  • health care costs

    Urban Institute Claims Wages and Other Benefits to Be Reduced Under Obamacare

    Recent analysis by the Urban Institute says that Obamacare has “a negligible impact on total employer-sponsored coverage and its costs.” But a closer look at the results of the study uncovers some other important points: Two-thirds of employees observe decreases in wages while their employers deal with increasing costs. The … More

    Medicare Reform Debate: What Really Works in Health Care Competition

    Recently, economist Paul Krugman derided the premium support plan to reform Medicare: Still, wouldn’t private insurers reduce costs through the magic of the marketplace? No. All, and I mean all, the evidence says that public systems like Medicare and Medicaid, which have less bureaucracy than private insurers (if you can’t … More

    Obamacare 2nd Birthday: No Surprise, Still Not Lowering Costs

    This This week Obamacare will have its second birthday, but there’s little reason to celebrate. Throughout the week, Obamacare advocates will be emphasizing the law’s supposed benefits on specific groups of Americans. But as Heritage’s research over the past two years has shown, Obamacare harms Americans—even the provisions showcased by … More

    Congress Must Now Address Civil Justice Reform to Impact Health Care

    Democrats profess great concern about the health care issue. Yet they avoided including any form of medical malpractice reform when passing their major health care legislation in 2010. This despite the fact that abusive tort litigation is one of the driving forces in the high cost of health care. Such … More

    Supreme Court Is Asked to Strike Down Tobacco Settlement

    Last week the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a Washington-based free-market advocacy group, filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court to review the 1998 tobacco Master Settlement Agreement on the grounds it violates federal antitrust laws and is unconstitutional. The tobacco MSA is the result of 46 state attorneys general striking … More

    What's the Worst That Could Happen With The New Health Law?

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is one of the largest and most complicated overhauls ever enacted. Policy experts continue to debate the impact it will have. Among the issues that has raised concerns is its cost. Supporters point to an estimate by the Congressional Budget Office that the … More

    Side Effects: Obamacare Raises Your Premiums

    Health Insurers Plan Hikes. That’s the headline of today’s Wall Street Journal story which reports: “Health insurers say they plan to raise premiums for some Americans as a direct result of the health overhaul in coming weeks, complicating Democrats’ efforts to trumpet their signature achievement before the midterm elections. Aetna … More

    Reduced Use of Health Care Could Cut Costs—That Is, Until Obamacare Makes Its Mark

    The President signed Obamacare into law last March as an attempt to get spending and costs under control, but the new law will likely fail at this mission. In fact, The Wall Street Journal reports that, in recent months, Americans have already begun to cut back on health care usage, … More

    Side Effects: Premium Hikes for Arizona State Employees, Courtesy of Obamacare

    Arizona v. President Obama. This time it’s not about immigration but health care. A recent letter from the Arizona Department of Administration to 135,000 state employees informed them that, depending on their type of coverage, they can expect their monthly health insurance costs to jump by as much as 37 … More

    Side Effects: Obamacare Encouraging Insurers to Cut Corners

    With or without Obamacare, health insurance costs are on the rise.  And that has businesses searching for more affordable options. One increasingly popular option: health plans covering services provided by a relatively small number of participating doctors and hospitals.  These plans are most attractive to small employers, but The New … More