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    Index of Economic Freedom: A Practical Guide on How to Achieve Long-Term Prosperity

    In his recent commentary in the Financial Times, Kenneth Rogoff, a professor of economics at Harvard, made a strong case for the importance of education in heading off future crises in capitalism: Societies need to find ways to make adult education, including economic and financial literacy, far more available and … More

    Keynes vs. Hayek = Obama vs. Merkel?

    They are getting together again. This weekend in Toronto, Canada, President Obama and German Chancellor Merkel reconvene at the G-20 Summit to figure out how to move the global economy forward. The two leaders are indeed extraordinary and remarkable in many ways. President Obama is the first African American President … More

    "To Be Controlled In Our Economic Pursuits...

    …means to be controlled in everything,” Friedrich Hayek wrote in 1944. And every year The Wall Street Journal’s and Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom produces data to backup Hayek’s claims. This year 7 of the 10 countries identified as “the most systematic human rights violators”(North Korea, Burma, Iran, Syria, … More