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  • H1N1

    Swine Flu Means Business

    If H1N1 flu is not in your neighborhood—just wait it won’t be long. Time is running out to prepare…and the most important first responders may be America’s business community. Our Heritage Backgrounder, “Swine Flu: What Every American Should Know,” covers all the basics of what we’ll face this flu season … More

    More on Swine Flu and You

    Citizens and shopkeepers not doctors and nurses will be the most important “first responders” for getting through this year’s flu season, which thanks to the swine flu (H1N1) looks like it could be one of the worst on record. That is the conclusion of a recent Heritage research paper, Swine … More

    Swine Flu Update

    Yesterday, we published an important paper on what Americans need to know about the Swine Flu. The study mentioned how the availability of vaccines will affect the spread of the disease. Vaccines are made up of dead or weakened viruses. They stimulate the body’s immune system to fight off the … More

    Not Time to Panic, Time to Get Ready

    The White House splashed news about an advisory panel report predicting 90,000 would die from the swine flu this fall. Today, the press is reporting that the US government’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) thinks that estimate could be way too high. Americans should take the upcoming flu … More