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  • H-1B visas

    Asian Immigration Outpacing Immigration from Latin America

    Asian immigration may soon exceed Latin American immigration, according to a recently released report from The Heritage Foundation. Immigration from China and India alone are more than total immigration from Mexico. This trend could be a reflection of a larger problem—a lack of high-skilled labor in the U.S. Many U.S. … More

    Obama’s Amnesty Speech Falsehoods: Bogus Promises and Empty Rhetoric

    On Tuesday, President Obama gave a speech in the East Room of the White House praising the efforts of the Senate in passing the “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill. Surrounded by illegal immigrants and union leaders, among others, he told the audience, “If you genuinely believe we need to … More

    What About Legal Immigration Reform?

    H-1B visas allow foreigners, who have an undergraduate degree or higher, to work in the United States. Currently only 65,000 visas can be issued each year, a number which is far too low. Yet, when President Obama talks about “comprehensive immigration reform,” the discussion is anything but comprehensive. President Obama … More

    Buy American: Immigration Edition

    The Drive By Media loves to paint conservatives as intolerant bigots any time we point out that illegal immigration costs American taxpayers trillions of dollars. But when the left inserts anti legal immigrant provisions into the stimulus, the media largely gives them a pass. As Tom Friedman reported yesterday the … More

    Stop Importing Poverty and Start Importing Innovation

    Today is the first day the U.S. Citizenship and immigration Services excepts H-1B visa petitions for FY 2009. And if last year is any indication, it will also be the last. Congress authorized only 85,000 H-1Bs last year (65,000 for people with a bachelor degree or higher and 20,000 for … More