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  • Gulf oil spill

    Businesses Hurt by Drilling Moratorium Left in Dark by BP, Feinberg

    As businesses along the Gulf Coast patiently await the expiration of President Obama’s offshore drilling moratorium, they’re faced with a new hardship: Neither BP nor the Gulf Coast Claims Facility will pay for lost income resulting from the ban. Last week BP announced it was deferring all moratorium-related claims to … More

    The Worst Federal Disaster Response in Our Nation's History

    President Obama wishes everyone would stop talking about the oil spill. His federal government’s response has been incompetent at best, malevolent at worst. Yet, lacking any evidence of a credible response, Obama still sent Carol Browner to the Gulf on a victory lap last week after oil stopped appearing on … More

    Drilling Moratorium Devastating to Gulf

    Gulf Coast residents were in Washington last week to explain the high cost of President Obama’s oil drilling moratorium. The president’s policy, they said, halts more than energy exploration: It also hurts the coastal economy and the day-to-day lives of workers. Their trip, which included briefings on Capitol Hill, was … More

    Senate Report Criticizes Administration for Flawed Federal Response to Oil Spill

    A new report from the top Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee details startling facts about the Obama administration’s failed leadership in response to the Gulf oil spill, the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history. Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), ranking member on the Environment and Public Works … More

    Morning Bell: Let's Get the Gulf Back to Work

    Last night after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) pulled his oil spill response bill, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) told reporters: “The key question is, whose side are you on? Are you on the side of Big Oil, or are you on the side of citizens in coastal communities?” Menendez … More

    Lift Liability Caps, Promote Safety, and Continue Drilling

    One issue arising out of the Gulf oil spill is liability for the secondary costs that stem from offshore oil and gas accidents. The liable party is responsible for cleanup costs, and that law should remain. Although BP has agreed to cover all legitimate claims, the current system does not … More

    Live from the Gulf: Government Obstacles Stall Farm Project for Local Vietnamese

    NEW ORLEANS — Every day at 9 a.m. the Mary Queen of Vietnam community center opens its doors to distribute 25 food vouchers. Several weeks ago people started lining up at 5 a.m. Now the line forms at 2 a.m. This is not the life these proud fishermen envisioned when … More

    Live From the Gulf: The Coast Guard's Perspective

    The last time I traveled to Louisiana to observe the oil spill response, I spent a good deal of time with state and local disaster response officials and the state’s National Guard. On this visit I got to see the problem from the perspective of the federal responders, particularly the … More

    The Reid Energy Bill: Another Government Land Grab

    The all-too-familiar idea “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste” has reared its head in Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D–NV) Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Company Accountability Act of 2010. In addition to proposing hurdles high enough to trip efforts to develop energy resources in the Gulf of Mexico, … More

    House Overturning the Drilling Ban a Good Idea, But Doesn’t Justify the Spill Bill

    Last week, representatives from the oil, seafood, and tourism industries as well as local politicians and residents of the Gulf organized a rally at the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana, to call for an end the Obama Administration’s drilling moratorium.Even after a federal judge overturned the ban, ruling it was arbitrary … More