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  • Goodwin Liu

    Cal. Supreme Court Appointment: Good Win for a Liu-ser

    In a classic example of “what’s good for thee but not for me,” Berkeley law professor and former Obama Ninth Circuit nominee Goodwin Liu seems poised to accept an appointment to the California Supreme Court this month—even though that would violate his own radical advice to others to give up … More

    Vote Against Goodwin Liu a Victory for the Rule of Law

    In one of the most important votes on Obama’s lower court judicial nominees, Democrats were unable to overcome the filibuster of Ninth Circuit Court nominee Goodwin Liu in a vote in the U.S. Senate this afternoon. It takes 60 votes to end a filibuster under the Senate rules, and the … More

    Controversial Obama Judicial Nominee Faces Possible Senate Filibuster

    A lifetime appointment to the federal bench is now selling for $700,000. At least that was the cost for Rhode Island judicial nominee Jack McConnell, who has donated that sum of money to Democrats in the two decades before President Obama tapped him for federal district court. McConnell faces a … More

    Professor Liu as the Wizard of Oz

    Until last Friday, I did not realize that the Obama administration is apparently using Frank Morgan’s performance as the Wizard of Oz as training material for its judicial nominees. What else can one make of Ninth Circuit nominee Goodwin Liu’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee? Liu said, in reference to his … More

    What Is The Legal Left So Afraid Of?

    Last Friday, President Barack Obama’s nominee for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, University of California at Berkeley law school Associate Dean Goodwin Liu, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. It was not the first time Liu was before this Senate panel. In 2006 Liu testified against Supreme Court Justice … More

    Why Goodwin Liu Matters

    Rumors of a possible Supreme Court retirement this summer have Washington buzzing with anticipation. Adding to the intrigue is the controversial nomination of Goodwin Liu for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Senate Republicans used a procedural move Wednesday to postpone Liu’s hearing. But the delay will likely do little … More

    Goodwin Liu: Obama’s Most Radical Judicial Nominee

    It is difficult to imagine the Ninth Circuit as any more radically liberal than it already is. Despite a few stellar judges, the Court is full of liberal activists who have earned it the reputation of having the highest Supreme Court reversal rate of any court in the nation.  But, … More