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    Get ‘Em While They Last: Cash for Clunkers Program to End

    From Bloomberg: “The U.S. “cash for clunkers” vehicle trade-in program, credited with reviving auto sales and criticized by dealers for slow reimbursements, will close on Aug. 24, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said.” The government extended the $1 billion program into a $3 billion program and although the program is now … More

    Auto Czar to Become Manufacturing Czar?

    If you like what’s happened to the auto industry, you’ll love this. Bloomberg is reporting today that Ron Bloom — the head of the Obama Administration’s automobile task force — will soon get an expanded portfolio, with responsiblity for crafting Administration policies for all manufacturing industries. Yet another Obama Administration … More

    Is Government Motors Lying About Its New Electric Car?

    The American taxpayer owned General Motors recently announced that its 2011 Chevrolet Volt will get 230 miles per gallon. While the Obama administration has repeatedly claimed it has “no interest” in running GM, from literally its first day as majority owner of the car maker the White House has been … More

    Guest Blogger: Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE)

    WHY TARP NEEDS OVERSIGHT The announcement that the government would provide $30 billion dollars more in TARP funds to General Motors in exchange for a 60 percent ownership interest in the company is unprecedented and almost unbelievable. Who ever imagined the taxpayers would wake up Monday morning and find out … More

    Chavez to Fidel: We May End Up on Obama's Right

    The Administration’s plan to take over General Motors certainly startled a lot of people, both in the U.S. and internationally. Now comes word that even Hugo Chavez — an acknowledged expert in the theory and practice of nationalization — found the move remarkable, publicly musing as to whether President Obama … More

    GM To Keep Lobbyists: Government to Influence Itself

    As a candidate, Barack Obama repeatedly pledged that no lobbyist would work in his White House. But does that policy apply to his auto companies? It’s a timely question, as General Motors, soon to be majority-owned by the U.S. government, announced this week that it planned to retain its in-house … More

    Obama's Broken Transparency Promise: Government Motors Edition

    Despite his many promises to the contrary, President Barack Obama has repeatedly failed to bring transparency to the federal government. That failure now continues with the Obama administration’s nationalization of General Motors. The Detroit Free Press reports: A day after filing for a bankruptcy reorganization that will be largely financed … More

    What’s Wrong with GM and What is the Government Going to do to Fix It?

    In three words: Everything and nothing. Megan McCardle has more: GM’s main problem is not that the market is unreasonably unwilling to finance a potentially profitable company. Nor that it can’t produce an awesome small car that shockingly few people want to buy. (Believe me, as the owner of a … More

    The Government and GM: How Reluctant a Shareholder?

    Will the new majority owner of General Motors — the United States Government — take an active role in managing the firm as it struggles for viability? In a statement earlier today, President Obama insisted that the government wouldn’t impose it’s own political agenda on GM. “What we are not … More

    News Flash: Obama-Appointed GM CEO Supports Obama

    Here’s a shocker. Among the cheerleaders for President Obama’s plan to increase federal fuel efficiency mandates were General Motors and Chrysler — two companies that are, at the moment, virtually run by the federal government itself. GM’s Fritz Henderson, who was made CEO when Rick Wagoner was effectively fired by … More