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  • gas prices

    Is "The Pelosi Premium" Planned?

    The House Republican Conference released a video last week titled “The Pelosi Premium” contrasting then-Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) 2006 promise to pass a “commonsense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices” with the steep rise in gas prices since she took the gavel. According to the video, the … More

    Clueless by the Bay

    Today’s San Francisco Chronicle blares “S.F. on Verge of $4-Per-Gallon Gas” and goes on to report: “Sometime in the coming week, San Francisco is expected to become America’s first major city to pay an average of $4 for a gallon of regular gas.” No where in the article is it … More

    Don't Legislate Angry Now

    There’s plenty of anger at major oil companies right now, especially in Congress. But does acting on that anger make for smart energy policy? Will it lead to the kind of measures likely to bring down high pump prices? The answer is a clear no, and in fact there’s a … More

    Why Are Gas Prices So High?

    With gas prices reaching an all-time high and oil companies banking record profits, it’s easy for the public to blame oil executives for draining their wallets at the pump. Ask an economist, however, and he will give you a different answer: supply and demand. Of course, it’s more complicated that. … More