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  • Fiscal Wake-Up Tour

    Video: Fiscal Wake Up Tour

    Sometime next month the Senate will be forced to raise the federal debt limit beyond a record $12.1 trillion. While the current recession has exacerbated the problem, our rising national deficits are actually a structural problem a long time in the making. In the coming decades, the cost of Social … More

    Real Conversation or Photo-Op?

    Heritage Foundation vice president for domestic and economic policy studies Stuart Butler attended President Barack Obama’s “Fiscal Responsibility” Summit today. He reports: The President said he wanted the sessions to be the first step in a national conversation about how to deal with the long-term fiscal problem. If he truly … More

    Heritage's Message at the "Fiscal Responsibilty Summit"

    Concern about our nation’s fiscal health has long been a priority for The Heritage Foundation. Since 2005, Heritage has partnered with a diverse coalition of public policy institutions to educate Americans about our nation’s true long-term financial condition and large and growing fiscal imbalance. Working with the Concord Coalition and … More