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    TARP Explained in Pictures

    The federal government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program been complicated and controversial from the beginning. First sold by then Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson as a plan to buy mortgage-related assets from U.S. financial institutions,TARP quickly morphed into an incoherent slush fund. New Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has had a very similar problem … More

    Morning Bell: The Chicago Tea Party

    The nation’s outrage over the never ending Bush-Obama Bailout Parade is heating up fast. This week alone we’ve seen grassroots rallies in Seattle, Denver, Mesa, and Kansas. Then yesterday, CNBC editor Rick Santelli set off a virtual firestorm when his passionate critique of President Barack Obama’s mortgage bailout plan inspired … More

    Morning Bell: President of Everything

    “This is a presidency on steroids.” That’s not an assessment from a libertarian shocked by President Barack Obama’s first month in office. That is the first sentence of Eugene Robinson‘s latest column, which goes on to list many of the ways that the Obama Administration is “managing the big chunks … More

    The Seven Floats of the Bush-Obama Borrow-Bailout Parade

    In less than a week, the city of New Orleans will begin celebrating Mardi Gras including over 20 different parades in a ten day span. Come Fat Tuesday though, all the parades will be over and revelers will have to wait another year before they can try and grab throws … More

    Why Stop at Banks?

    President Barack Obama likes to rail against high salaries on Wall Street and has even enacted a $500,000 salary cap for executives of firms that receive bailout money from the U.S. Treasury. But why stop there? Virtually all Universities receive millions in federal aid every year and are asking for … More

    Regulation Didn’t Save Them

    Does the financial crisis reveal a failure of American deregulation compared to better conceived European regulatory schemes? This thesis is shared by many, especially here in Europe where some see the current financial crisis as the proof of the superiority of the European “social market economy” over “cow-boy capitalism”. This … More

    Leftist Criminals Score Bailout Millions

    This past week some in Congress complained because Bank of America, who has taken billion of taxpayer bailout funds, hosted a promotional event at the Super Bowl. At lest that event was designed to help the bank’s business grow. What Congress should really be mad about is the $2 million … More

    Get Ready for 'Hankie Pankie II'

    It is not everyday we get to agree with Paul Krugman, so it is our pleasure to link to his comments last week about President Barack Obama’s burgeoning plans to request hundreds of billions of dollars of more borrowed money to further socialize our nation’s banks: As the Obama administration … More

    The Golden Age of Political Entrepreneurship is Here

    As Joel Kotkin detailed in the Washington Post this weekend, the Wall Street Bailout and Trillion Dollar Deficit Plan being pushed through Congress this month mark the transfer of power from commercial cities like Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, to Washington DC. In the business world, campaign contributions and … More

    Progressive Corporatism in Action

      As President Barack Obama and his leftist allies in Congress spend trillions in taxpayer dollars in the span of just a few months, it is important to remember that the left is no enemy of big business. The left LOVES big business. Who else could possibly pay huge corporate … More