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    Left Still In Denial About Federal Worker Pay

    Lawrence Mishel, president of the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), does not like President Obama’s call for a two-year pay freeze.  He writes: [The freeze]…will only enlarge the degree to which federal pay lags that of the private sector (a gap of 22%, according to the federal pay agent’s report. See … More

    Morning Bell: Don't Let Obama Pay Plan Freeze Real Reform

    The campaign to paper over President Barack Obama’s big government tax-and-spend record with symbolic political triangulation has begun. Yesterday, ahead of today’s meeting with House and Senate Republicans, President Obama attempted to preempt conservative calls for smaller government by announcing a Federal Employee Pay Freeze, which the White House says … More

    Partial Federal Pay Freeze Only the First Step

    President Obama just announced a partial two-year pay freeze for civilian federal workers. Under the President’s plan, federal employees will not receive cost-of-living increases in their pay in 2011 and 2012. However, most federal employees will still receive seniority-based pay increases over the next two years. The President’s decision is … More

    Federal Paychecks Are Outsized

    In an article titled “Scapegoating Federal Pay,” Paul Waldman of The American Prospect predicts that we will hear much more in the coming months about “outsized federal paychecks.” I hope he is right. The labor economics literature, going back more than two decades, is clear that federal workers enjoy a … More