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    Shouldn't Reagan Be the Standard?

    Last week The Hoover Institution’s Peter Robinson posted a chart at The Corner that he said could “only be termed, alas, Republican overspending—that is, the enormous increase in domestic spending during this administration, most of which, of course, took place while the GOP held not only the White House but … More

    The Truth Hurts

    A Daily Kos diarist has stumbled upon our Federal Revenue and Spending Book of Charts and approvingly links writing: Under democratic leadership, spending went down while still installing programs to help those in need. … Republicans on the other hand have actually spent more money not just on defense spending, … More

    Perspective on War Spending

    Unable to summon the courage to end funding for the Iraq war, liberals are now trying to blame Iraq for the current economic turmoil. We’ve already detailed why this argument is so specious, but sometimes visuals communicate better than words. Here is how little the U.S government is spending on … More