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    Nomination Hearings: The Art of Speaking Without Saying Anything

    No, this is not a post about the Sotomayor hearings. Yesterday there was another widely-attended Senate hearing. Another room was packed, interested parties cramming into every available seat to hear what the nominees had to say. But, what they heard was little, at best. Mignon Clyburn and Meredith Baker, Democratic … More

    FCC.gov: What a WASTE

    The Heritage Foundation is proud to announce that the FCC is the recipient of the First Annual Wanton Abuse of State-funded Technological Elucidation (WASTE) Award. Yes, the name is clunky, but so is their website. If you don’t believe it, see for yourself. The website’s search function leaves much to … More

    Will Voluntary Collaboration or Government Regulation Be the Future of the Internet?

    Early this month, in a precedent setting decision, the Federal Communications Commission voted 3 -2 to uphold a complaint against Comcast for managing its customers internet traffic needs by slowing the internet service of some customers who heavily use peer-to-peer file sharing software. The action was the first time the … More

    What Century Do Liberals Think It Is?

    In 1950 80% of Americans read a Newspaper every day. Today that number is below 50%. Since 2001 paid newspaper circulation has fallen 8.4% and paid advertising revenue has fallen 9.4%. Meanwhile, a whopping 48% of Americans say they rely on the internet as their primary news source with only … More

    Marketplace Realities Won at DoJ

    The Heritage Foundation’s Chairman of the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies Ed Meese and Senior Research Fellow in Regulatory Policy James Gattuso issued the following joint statement on the DoJ XM Sirius merger decision: Yesterday’s decision by the Department of Justice not to oppose the merger of Sirius and … More

    Sports Fans Rejoice!!!

    The Justice Department finally approved the merger between XM and Sirius last night. Now the FCC is the only barrier standing between sports fans and a product that lets them listen to every NFL and MLB game every year. The New York Times reports on the DoJ’s reasoning: The Justice … More

    Let's Get This Deal Done in Time for Baseball Season

    As we noted last month, the announced merger between Sirius and XM is now over a year old. While FCC chairman Kevin Martin has hinted that a decision may be out by the end of the first quarter, we hope that the Department of Justice won’t then claim that the … More

    FCC Blocking Innovation For Over A Year Now

    Currently it is just about impossible to listen to both Major League Baseball and National League Football games on your radio. Sirius Satellite Radio has a deal to broadcast all NFL games on their satellite system and MLB has a similar deal with XM. Unless you want to buy equipment … More