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    Farm Bill: Bumper Crop of Food Stamps

    The farm bill pending in the Senate has a bumper crop of food stamps. The bill, S.3240 (the Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act), should be renamed the “Food Stamp Expansion Act.” The bulk of the spending in the bill is targeted to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also … More

    Farm Bill Fumble Opens Door to Increased Opposition

    Opponents of the farm bill are digging in for a fight. A coalition of nearly 30 taxpayer watchdog groups yesterday wrote lawmakers pleading to reopen debate on a section of the bill dealing with trade. And two Republican senators have vowed to prolong debate despite the long odds they face. … More

    The Farm Bill Is Not a Farm Law

    As every school child knows, to become law, Art. I, § 7 of the U.S. Constitution requires a bill to go through the formal process of bicameral passage in Congress and presentment to the President. Should the President veto the legislation, then it may become law if it is “repassed … More

    Farm Bill Veto Will Sniff Out Real Conservatives

    Most of the reports on President Bush’s veto of the “subsidies for millionaires” farm bill mention that since the bill passed both the House and Senate by such large margins, the veto will likely be overridden soon. Hopefully Congress will take a look at world wide record high food prices … More

    Morning Bell: Getting States Off the Dole

    What do the Bridge to Nowhere, the highway bill, the “subsidies for millionaires” farm bill and our crippling entitlement crisis have in common? They are all examples of the corrupt governance that is guaranteed to happen when the federal government takes over responsibilities best left to the states. In each … More

    Free Trade Fact of the Day

    The farm bill is onerous enough just from a federal spending/government dependency perspective, but even worse it hurts United states efforts to promote free trade abroad. Reuters explains: The $285 billion farm bill unveiled by Congressional leaders last week after months of negotiations may set the United States up for … More

    Morning Bell: A Case Study on Everything That Is Wrong With Washington

    The reason Congress has an approval rating at an all-time low (only 16% approve in the latest survey) is that the American people simply don’t trust their leaders to look beyond their own narrow interests and do what is good for the country. The farm bill that passed the House … More

    The Farm Bill's Seven Deadly Sins

    The House and Senate are set to pass a farm bill either Wednesday or Thursday that will cost Americans billions in higher taxes and food costs every year. Farm subsidies supposedly exist to keep farmers afloat yet 90% of all payments go to just five crops (wheat, cotton, corn, soybeans … More