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  • energy prices

    The Emerging Consensus for Energy Production II

    Pressed for space in today’s Morning Bell, we left out some of the more fascinating findings from that Pew poll showing how dramatically American opinion is shifting in favor of increased energy production. Pew reports: Much of the increase in support for energy exploration has come among groups that previously … More

    Morning Bell: The Emerging Consensus for Energy Production

    The fight over the mortgage bailout bill still being debated by Congress has helped expose one of the best-kept secrets in Washington. Despite the fact that the median price of a home is $218,000, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is threatening to kill the bill unless the cap on the size of … More

    Drilling Now Can Lower Oil Prices Today

    Current Harvard economics professor and former chief economic adviser to President Ronald Reagan Martin Feldstein explains in the Wall Street Journal how announcing that the U.S. will allow oil development on currently banned lands, could lower oil prices right now: The relationship between future and current oil prices implies that … More

    Demand, Not Speculation, Causing Rise In Oil Prices

    A major plank of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) efforts to convince the American people that liberals actually want to reduce gas prices is a bill that adds “new restrictions for commodity traders whose speculation has driven up the price of oil.” But as liberal New York Times columnist Paul Krugman … More

    Oil Is Just the Beginning

    Pay close attention to the debate over the price of gas. Because in the coming years, you’re going to see the exact same debate play out over electricity prices. Just as in the debate over gas prices, conservatives will argue we need to increase supply by harvesting domestic resources and … More

    In the Real World...

    Virginia Postrel voices the same frustration any honest economist feels witnessing the current state of accepted opinion on energy policy: It’s infuriating how all three presidential candidates prattle on about the need to fight global warming while also complaining about the high price of gasoline. The candidates treat CO2 emissions … More