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  • energy prices

    Will the U.S. Become the California of Energy?

    Earlier this year the Los Angels Times reported on a nationwide effort by environmental groups like the National Resources Defense Council to shut down all construction of all coal power plants everywhere in the United States. The group claimed they had stopped 65 plants from coming online. But coal is … More

    $10 Billion Worth of Safe Power Just Waiting To Be Tapped

    The Chinese, Russians, and Indians are planning to build a combined 159 new nuclear power plants. They are going to need uranium. Fortunately for us, there is an estimated $10 billion worth of uranium, the seventh largest in the world, sitting in Virginia. Unfortunately, like every other front on energy, … More

    "DOE to do NEPA’s EIS on BNFL’s AMWTP at INEEL after SRA protest"

    The above sentence is an actual headline from the Idaho Mountain Express. Translated from lawyer to English it reads: Department of Energy to do National Environmental Policy Act environmental impact statement on British Nuclear Fuels Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project at Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory after Society for … More

    Morning Bell: The World Is Powering Up While America Powers Down

    The economy is by far the No. 1 issue on most Americans’ minds. Gas prices are a close second. The two issues are intimately related. But the spike in oil prices this year is just the tip of the iceberg. Due to similar developments in supply and demand, electricity prices … More

    Energy Policy for the Long Haul

    Though still facing an uphill fight in the current Congress, the recently introduced American Energy Act is an important bill because it keeps up the pressure for sensible steps to bring down high energy prices. Regardless of its chances for success in 2008, this bill’s pro-energy provisions – opening up … More

    Only Liberals Could Believe Government Good at Predicting Prices

    Whenever conservatives push for developing more domestic energy, liberals respond by saying increased oil production, whether from the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) or Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), would have no effect on prices. And they always trot out the same Energy Information Administration reports predicting that opening up ANWR … More

    Morning Bell: Drilling to Save the Economy

    Today the U.S. has about 22 billion barrels of proven oil reserves that can be legally developed. Yesterday, President Bush lifted just one of the many roadblocks that stand between American consumers and the estimated 19.1 billion barrels of oil in the Outer Continental Shelf that are currently off-limits from … More

    Is the High Price of Oil a Conspiracy?

    Why is the price of oil a difficult concept for some on the left? They want to come up with some grand conspiracy theory and rush to command-and-control legislation claiming that Americans have a “right to lower gas prices.” This is at best silly but at worst dangerous. This mentality … More

    Digging Deeper On Energy

    Fareed Zakaria predicts that no matter who is elected presidents in November, that person will face “increasingly grim economic news” due in large part to rising energy cots. Zakaria then mentions a book that details all the great innovations private companies are making in the energy sector. He then says: … More

    Are Americans Willing to 'Wait for the Wind'?

    Great moment of honesty at the end of this article in The Hill on liberal energy policy. The body of the article covers how the Democrat leadership in the House is in full retreat on energy policy after realizing that the American people prefer conservative policies on the issue, which … More