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    Governor Bredesen Got the Calculations Right

    In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, Tennessee Governor Philip Bredesen explained how Obamacare has created a situation where the state government and many of its employees will find it mutually advantageous to the get rid of the employer-sponsored insurance program the state currently offers. As we have noted, Bredesen correctly acknowledges … More

    Side Effects: Small Businesses Still Left Empty-Handed

    One of the great promises of Obamacare, you’ll recall, was that it would give folks working in small businesses better access to affordable care.  “It works for small business owners,”   Nancy Pelosi announced, “providing access to affordable group rates and creating a tax credit for them to help them … More

    Side Effects: Fewer Flippin' Hamburgers at White Castle

    Yesterday we saw how Obamacare is leading large employers to contemplate dropping their coverage of employees.  Today we learn it will cripple businesses’ ability to create jobs for entry level workers. Thanks to Obamacare, low-skilled job seekers will find it even harder to find work.  And low-income areas will find … More

    Side Effects: Let the Employer Penalties Begin

    Fans of Obamacare promised it would be good for small and large employers alike.  They should’ve checked with employers first. Mercer, a human resources consultancy, did just that.  Its latest annual survey of businesses finds that “[38 percent] of the nation’s employers…have at least some employees for whom coverage would … More

    The Obamacare Sales Pitch Paid for by Your Tax Dollars

    The Department of Health and Human Services recently launched its new website, www.healthreform.gov, to serve as an informative source on what’s to come under new health care law.  Unfortunately, the website provides little substance and more of the same rhetoric we have heard from the administration regarding health care reform. … More

    White House Health Care Rhetoric About to Meet Reality

    At the signing of the Senate health bill today, President Barack Obama said: “In a few moments, when I sign this bill, all of the overheated rhetoric over reform will finally confront the reality of reform.” Let’s review some of the “overheated rhetoric” that is about to get tested by … More

    Senate Health Care Timeline

    Obamacare is still just one signature away from becoming law, but the battle over its repeal has already begun.  Key to this debate will be which elements of Obamacare phase in when. Back in December after Obamacare first passed the Senate, Heritage Foundation scholar Robert Book  produced the following chart … More

    The House Health Fix: Even Higher Job Killing Employment Taxes

    While the House reconciliation bill keeps many of the Senate provisions that will already slow economic growth, the reconciliation bill goes even farther in punishing employers who do not offer sufficient health care. These penalties will slow employment growth and given employers a disincentive to hire anyone who purchases subsidized … More

    The House Health Care Bill: Sticking it to Small Business

    While the nation’s unemployment rate continues to linger around 10%, Congress will soon return to Washington to devise a way to get a health care bill passed by both the House and Senate. As the negotiations loom, a recent paper by Heritage’s John Ligon explores the devastating effects that the … More

    Unions Using Obamacare to Punish Small Business

    When does Washington consider a successful small business a problem to be dealt with? When that small business successfully competes against unionized firms. Then it needs to be tied down with expensive red tape until it is no longer so successful. Say what? Members of Congress routinely extol the praises … More