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    Outside the Beltway: Inventive Math Makes Stimulus Work!

    From the Associated Press: PORTLAND, Ore. – How much are politicians straining to convince people that the government is stimulating the economy? In Oregon, where lawmakers are spending $176 million to supplement the federal stimulus, Democrats are taking credit for a remarkable feat: creating 3,236 new jobs in the program’s … More

    Joe Biden vs Joe Biden on the Stimulus

    The care with which we are carrying out the provisions of the Recovery Act has led some people to ask whether we are moving too slowly. But the act was intended to provide steady support for our economy over an extended period — not a jolt that would last only … More

    When You're In a Hole...Stop Digging: Deficit Cartoon

    Heritage’s J.D. Foster on the deficit: “President Obama talks about responsibility, but the budget deficit this year is approaching $2 trillion and the national debt is set to double in just four years. Imagine what he would deem irresponsible! Yes, he inherited a plunging economy and soaring deficit. But then … More

    Guest Bloggers: Congressmen Shadegg and Bishop on No Cost Stimulus

    The keys to stimulating our economy are private capital, small business innovation, reducing the burden big government imposes on the economy, and job creation. Several months ago, before the Democrats’ cap and trade bill was railroaded though Congress and before we faced their newly announced health care bill, we, along … More

    $413.6 Million in Stimulus for 34 Full Time Jobs

    Bloomberg reported Saturday: President Barack Obama said his $787 billion stimulus bill “has worked as intended” as he pushed back against Republican criticism that his recovery program has failed to rescue the economy. The Union Leader reports today: More than $400 million in federal stimulus money has come to New … More

    Morning Bell: The Obama Economy is Failing

    Celebrating his first 100 days in office, President Barack Obama told the American people: “One hundred days ago, in the midst of the worst economic crisis in half a century, we passed the most sweeping economic recovery act in history…One hundred days later, we are already seeing results.” And he’s … More

    Did Biden "Misread" Those 150,000 Jobs Created Too?

    Spinning the ever-more-embarrassing gap between their economic stimulus job promises and economic reality, Vice President Joe Biden told ABC’s George Stephanopolous this Sunday: The truth is, we and everyone else misread the economy. The figures we worked off of in January were the consensus figures and most of the blue … More

    Stimulus Funds Gone Awry? Who Could Have Guessed?

    A story coming out of Glendale, CA, reports that stimulus funds were used to help two non-profit organizations instead of a road in the city which has not been repaired since 1992. City officials believed that repairing the roads are a better fit for the purpose of the stimulus (shovel-ready public … More

    Morning Bell: Holding the President Accountable on His Stimulus

    Yesterday, the White House released new rules for counting the number of jobs created by President Barack Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus plan. Governors, mayors, and contractors will be required to keep track of every full-time, full-year job funded by Obama’s stimulus, but they are not required to submit their … More

    Stimulus Health Mandates Already Killing Jobs

    All three Democrat health care plans (the House, Kennedy-Dodd, and Baucus bills) feature an employer mandate which will make it more expensive for employers to add employees. But as the New York Times reported last week, health care provisions in the stimulus are already making it harder for employers to … More