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    What Will the Central Planners Choose For Us on Energy?

    DENVER – The only consensus in the progressive community on energy is that the federal government needs to be spending a lot more money subsidizing alternative energy. Even the amount of money needed is in dispute. The far left Apollo Alliance is calling for $500 billion over ten years while … More

    Is Google a Force for America's Global Hegemony?

    DENVER – Google CEO Eric Schmidt told an audience here at The Big Tent that the most common question he gets when he travels abroad is why Google insists on “supporting American hegemony.” Schmidt explained that “free speech is not a universal value” and that Google’s commitment to open accessible … More

    Your Trash-Sorting Future Under the Coming Garbage Gestapo

    DENVER — The sponsors of The Big Tent are definitely taking good care of us bloggers at the Democratic National Convention this week. Bloggers are provided three free meals a day, free smoothies, and after around 1 p.m. free beer. This doesn’t even include all the purveyors of organic snack … More

    Morning Bell: Empty Ethics Rhetoric Exposed

    DENVER — One of Barack Obama’s only legislative accomplishments in the U.S. Senate is the Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act, which passed in September 2007. When he announced his candidacy in Springfield, Ill., Obama called the bill “the most sweeping ethics reform since Watergate.” Critics from left and right, however, … More

    Did Democrats Cheer for Oil Drilling Last Night?

    DENVER – The left’s relationship with domestic fossil fuel production is growing curiosor and curiousor. Despite Sen. Hillary Clinton’s (D-NY) prime time billing, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer gave the best received speech last night. It was supposedly on renewable energy, but Schweitzer also said: “we have cut more taxes for … More

    Morning Bell: Is Afghanistan Next?

    DENVER — Tonight former President Bill Clinton is supposed to deliver a speech on the official Democratic National Convention theme, “Securing America’s Future.” It is still unclear whether Clinton will stick to his assigned topic, or if he will go off message and defend his presidential legacy. Part of that … More

    Progressive Schwag in Denver

    DENVER — Ever wonder what promotional materials a non-profit group dedicated to a “sustainable” society might give away at a major convention? Well, take a peak at the official promotional bag (above) for Progress Now’s Big Tent and wonder no more. The lefty magazines, I understand, but that it is … More

    The New Marshall Green Apollo Deal Plan

    DENVER — We always knew the left loved big government central planning of the economy, but we never knew how much they loved it. Also on Bob Kuttner’s “Take Back America: The Economy” panel here in The Big Tent were United Steelworkers President Leo Gerard and Green for All founder … More

    'We Need Deficits'

    DENVER — American Prospect editor Robert Kuttner doesn’t just foresee huge new deficits in Barack Obama’s administration. He is cheering for them. At an afternoon panel in the Big Tent titled, “Take Back America: The Economy,” Kuttner said, “We need deficits.” Kuttner explained that they are necessary when “an economy … More

    Nancy Hearts Nixon

    DENVER – Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a press conference today at Denver’s downtown Union Station and, believe it or not, she came to praise Richard Nixon. It’s not his birthday or anything, but in her continued attempt to find any traction for her energy policies Pelosi praised President Nixon for … More