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    Who Profits from the Death Tax? Estate Planning Lawyers.

    If you ask attorney Harold Apolinsky who really profits from the death tax, he’ll tell you, “I think I do, as an estate planning lawyer,” but then he will tell you why the tax needs to be permanently repealed. According to Apolinsky, the death tax (or

    "Timber!" Look Out for Falling Trees - and Companies - if the Death Tax Hits

    Hancock Lumber company has been around for 180 years, was started before more than half the states joined the Union, survived the Civil War and two World Wars, but now faces one of its greatest challenges: paying the death tax. Owner Kevin Hancock counts himself among the six generations of … More

    Repealing the Death Tax: A Good Deal for Everyone

    While jobs and the economy are at the forefront of all Americans’ minds, Congress has the ability to create jobs, raise federal revenues, and boost the economy at the end of their fingertips —without any expense to the taxpayer. This could all be achieved simply by permanently repealing the death … More

    To Defeat the Death Tax, Know Your Opponent

    Last Saturday the Baltimore Ravens inflicted a stunning defeat on the New England Patriots in an NFL wildcard game. In interviews after the game, the Ravens’ all-world middle linebacker, Ray Lewis, explained how his defense had stuffed one of the great offenses of the modern era – through study and … More

    Death Tax Dies Tonight

    The death tax will expire tonight as soon as the ball drops and 2010 officially begins. This is good news for the businesses and families the tax plagues. Unfortunately, this triumph may be short-lived as Congressional leaders have pledged to revive the death tax in the new year and make … More

    Taxes Are More Certain Than Death?

    Timing is everything in life. And in death. America’s level of death taxes is a bouncing ball—a political football because Congress is fumbling around with legislation that makes a dramatic difference measured in jobs as well as in dollars. As the law is now, anyone who dies during 2010 will … More

    Tax Extenders: Excuse for Congress to Raise Taxes

    The U.S. House of Representatives will likely vote tomorrow to continue about 50 expiring tax incentives known as “tax extenders.” It must do so each year to prevent significant tax increases for some taxpayers. This year, however, the House will likely pass increases in other taxes to offset the supposed … More

    House Votes to Raise Death Tax

    The U.S. House of Representatives voted to permanently extend the death tax at its current 45 percent rate and $3.5 million exemption. This is a significant tax hike since the death tax was supposed to expire on January 1, 2010. The increase of the death tax is a major blow … More

    House Votes to Kill Job Creation Again

    The Washington Post reports: The House approved Thursday a measure making the current estate tax rate permanent, overcoming the objections of an unusual coalition of liberal and conservative critics. The bill passed, 225 to 200, with 26 Democrats joining all Republicans present to vote no. It would make permanent the … More

    Dead Men Pay No Taxes

    As the Congress prepares to address the death tax in the waning weeks of December, one argument undergirds the primary defense the tax. The argument is the tax is needed for “fairness”, to impose an adequate level of taxation on the rich. Of all the arguments in tax policy, this … More