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    Congress Needs to Act on Cyber Security-but Act Responsibly

    The report today from the U.S.–China Economic and Security Review Commission is chilling but not terribly surprising. According to the commission (pages 243–44): For about 18 minutes on April 8, 2010, China Telecom advertised erroneous network traffic routes that instructed U.S. and other foreign Internet traffic to travel through Chinese … More

    Cyber Security vs. Online Freedom

    By now most people are familiar with the ongoing debate about how far government should be able to go in monitoring Internet communications. Such was the topic of a recent discussion at the Voice of America building in Washington, D.C. Judging by the remarks of the event’s panelists, especially those … More

    War Game Reveals Cyber Security Gaps

    A recent war game simulating the National Security Council’s response to a cyber attack highlighted the United States’ serious vulnerability to such an attack in an era where it is increasingly important to prepare for the potential consequences of cyber warfare. The war game, in which several former government officials … More

    Five Things About Homeland Security That Nobody Is Discussing: #4

    #4: A Cyber Leadership Deficit There has been a lot of talk about cyber security over the last few months. The Obama Administration named it as one of its number one homeland security priorities. Everyone in Washington has an opinion about what should be done from regulating the private sector … More

    Al Gore Didn’t Invent the Internet, and Obama Can’t Control It

    While Al Gore claimed to invent the internet, he didn’t. Some say Leonard Kleinrock did, others say it was a little government agency called DARPA. If you listen to some members of Congress lately, however, apparently President Obama will soon be able to control the internet. In fact, the Cybersecurity … More

    Guest Blogger: Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) on Cyber Security

    Recent cyber attacks against the official websites of the South Korean and American governments have created a new generation of national defense and homeland security issues for the U.S., which we must be ready to meet and defend against in the 21st century. Although the Internet has increasingly brought the … More

    North Korea May Be Behind Cyber Attack on US and South Korea

    Two dozen U.S. and South Korean government websites were attacked in early July. Malicious programs were found to have targeted 26 websites, including that of the White House, as well as the South Korean presidential office, legislature, and ministry of defense. The cyber attackers utilized a distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) approach … More

    Morning Bell: A Cyber Wake-Up Call

    Since July 20, Internet security experts have been tracking coordinated cyber attacks on Georgia’s Internet infrastructure. It is still unclear to what extent the Russian military directly carried out these attacks, but two things are known for sure: 1) the traffic patterns and servers used in the attack are “overwhelmingly … More

    The Trojan Dragon Comes to Congress

    In their efforts to gain confidential information about Congressional deliberations on China, Chinese intelligence agencies have stuck their fingers in a hornet’s nest that will leave big welts on Congressional attitudes toward Asia’s new superpower for years to come. Yesterday, an audibly angry Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) introduced a resolution … More

    INEW China was a Cyber Threat

    Recent Defense Department reports on Chinese computer network operations in 2007 should be a clear indication that the United States needs to step up its cyber defense policy to address a growing threat to its national security. As reported by Heritage’s John Tkacik back in December, “the Department of Homeland … More