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  • corporate taxes

    Corporations Know U.S. Has Uncompetitive Tax Rates

    Every year the international accounting and consulting firm KPMG issues a Corporate Tax Survey to “help our member firm clients and other organizations consider developments across borders.” In other words, to better inform their clients about which countries offer the most competitive environments for business. This year KPMG reports: [T]the … More

    Toward a Neil Diamond-Free World

    The Atlantic’s Megan McArdle looks over Barack Obama’s economic plans and doesn’t like what she sees. Focusing on taxes she writes: As if those things [trade and labor law] weren’t enough, he wants to raise the capital gains tax. There is a reason that most [countries] tax capital lightly–actually several … More

    The Corporate Tax Code Is Too Complicated and Burdensome ... So Let's Make It Even More Complicated!

    The USA Today has a front page story promoting plans by Democratic presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to end “a tax break they say encourages employers to ship American jobs abroad.” USA Today reports: “The Democrats, saying the United States has overlooked the costs to working Americans in … More