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    More, Not Less, Speculation Please

    This week Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will try to close out her “summer energy agenda” with a bill claiming to end “excessive” speculation in oil markets. Instead of allowing the House to vote on any bill that would actually increase our supply of oil (like bills that would end bans … More

    Desperate Times Do Not Call for Speculative Measures

    Faced with mounting public consensus for more domestic energy production, liberals in Congress are desperate to pass anything that they can claim will lower energy prices (well they will pass anything as long as it doesn’t include actually producing more energy). Yesterday Senate Democrats passed a bill to stop “excessive, … More

    Is the High Price of Oil a Conspiracy?

    Why is the price of oil a difficult concept for some on the left? They want to come up with some grand conspiracy theory and rush to command-and-control legislation claiming that Americans have a “right to lower gas prices.” This is at best silly but at worst dangerous. This mentality … More