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    Biden Blurry on Coal

    Coal supplies almost half of our nation’s electricity and more than 20% of our nation’s total energy consumption. Without coal our entire economy would crumble. Despite decades of subsidies, wind and solar power contribute only 1% of our nation’s energy needs. Despite these facts, Joe Biden told a voter in … More

    Morning Bell: The World Is Powering Up While America Powers Down

    The economy is by far the No. 1 issue on most Americans’ minds. Gas prices are a close second. The two issues are intimately related. But the spike in oil prices this year is just the tip of the iceberg. Due to similar developments in supply and demand, electricity prices … More

    Future Black If Greens Get Their Way

    NASA’s James Hansen is a hero on the left. He was among the first people to ask Congress to step up its control of the economy to decrease carbon emissions into the atmosphere. This week marks the 20th anniversary of Hansen’s first Capitol Hill testimony and he is on a media … More

    Global Warming: 'It's Good for the Lawyers'

    According to the Los Angeles Times today: “Every time a new coal-fired power plant is proposed anywhere in the United States, a lawyer from the Sierra Club or an allied environmental group is assigned to stop it, by any bureaucratic or legal means necessary.” And apparently they are winning. The … More

    A Quick Quiz for Our Environmentalist Friends

    Today The Washington Post reports on the U.S.’s booming coal export industry which has freight cars in Appalachia brimming with coal set for the long journey to energy starved countries like China and India. The Post notes: In the United States, it is getting harder to license and borrow money … More