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    Cloakroom: May 20 – May 24

    House Cloakroom: May 20 – May 24 Analysis: This week, the House will take up the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline and student loan rate reform. The Northern Route Approval Act does just what its name suggests—approves the Keystone pipeline. This pipeline will be source of jobs and energy … More

    Cloakroom: Full Repeal Edition

    House Cloakroom: May 13 – May 17 Analysis: This week, the House of Representatives will reaffirm its commitment to repealing Obamacare in its entirety. Obamacare has already restricted hiring, seen one of its coverage provisions fail, and is expanding an ineffective Medicaid program. This law has even drawn criticism from … More

    Cloakroom: Priorities Edition

    House Cloakroom: May 6 – May 10 Analysis: This week, the House is taking up bills to prevent sovereign default and allow families more flexibility in their work schedules. The Full Faith and Credit Act would ensure that as we enter another debt ceiling fight, America will continue to fulfill … More

    Cloakroom: April 22-26

    House Cloakroom: Analysis: This week, the House will bring a bill to the floor to fix one of the many failing parts of Obamacare. Obamacare created a deeply flawed temporary high-risk pool for those with pre-existing conditions to provide insurance coverage while the Obamacare exchanges and Medicaid expansion were set … More

    Cloakroom: Cybersecurity and Guns

    House Cloakroom: April 15 – April 19 Analysis: This week, the House will turn its focus to cybersecurity. It will take up a bill that is intended to promote information sharing between private entities to increase their ability to manage cyber threats. The House passed a related piece of legislation … More

    Cloakroom: Battle of the Budgets, Round 2

    House Cloakroom: March 18 – March 22 Analysis: This week, the Ryan budget that balances in 10 years will move to the floor of the House for debate and a vote. It is expected to pass with Republican support, setting up a stark contrast with the Senate Democrats’ budget. The … More

    Cloakroom: Battle of the Budgets, Round 1

    House Cloakroom: March 11 – March 15 Analysis:  This week House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) will release his 2014 budget resolution for markup in committee. The Ryan budget is expected offer a path to balance in 10 years and include a full repeal of Obamacare as well as a … More

    Cloakroom: Resolving to Continue

    House Cloakroom: March 4 – March 8 Analysis: This week, the House plans to take up a bill that would fund the government for the remainder of the 2013 fiscal year. As of March 1, we are now living under the sequester that was passed overwhelmingly by Congress and signed … More

    Cloakroom: The Sequester and Hagel Nomination

    House Cloakroom: February 25 – March 1 Analysis: Sequester week begins in Washington! The House returns from a recess week to take up the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization. The Senate has passed a flawed reauthorization bill. The Senate version contains an unconstitutional expansion of tribal sovereignty, not to mention … More

    Cloakroom: February 11 – February 15

    House Cloakroom Analysis: The House has a light week planned. The only notable legislation on the floor will be a bill to prevent a planned pay increase for federal employees for this year. Major Floor Action: HR 273 – To eliminate the 2013 statutory pay adjustment for federal employees Major … More