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    The Senate Cloakroom: Oct. 5 – 9

    Senate Analysis – This week, the Senate will try complete several more over-due appropriations bills. The Senate Finance Committee is expected to formally vote its health care bill out of committee. However, the real work will be going on behind the scenes as Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and members … More

    The House Cloakroom: Oct. 5 – 9

    House Analysis – All eyes are on the Senate next week as they continue their work in committee on health care and cap and trade. The House is expected to have a light legislative week once again with no votes on Monday. The House will continue to try and wrap … More

    The Senate Cloakroom: Sept 28 - Oct. 2

    Senate Analysis – Wednesday marks the end of the fiscal year, which is significant since not a single appropriations bill has been signed into law. Combine funding the government, extending various authorization bills, finishing the markup of the Senator Baucus (D-MT) health reform proposal and introducing a global warming bill, … More

    The House Cloakroom: Sept. 28 - Oct. 2

    House Analysis – All eyes continue to be on health care as Congressional leaders continue to work towards an agreement. The war in Afghanistan and the coming troop decisions by the administration continue to weigh heavy on Members minds especially following leaked reports of the assessment by General McChrystal. Major … More

    The Cloakroom: Sept. 21 – 25

    Senate Analysis – All eyes will be focused on the Senate Finance Committee, as they begin their markup of Senator Baucus’ health care reform proposal. As the media and American people focus on health care, the Senate will also tackle several additional appropriations measures, which further expand our national debt. … More

    The Cloakroom: September 14 – 18

    Senate Analysis – The Senate will continue their push to complete the four remaining appropriations bills, as the fiscal year nears an end. Senate leadership had hoped by this point health care would be completed and they would be on the verge of passing a cap-and-trade bill. Major policy work … More

    The Cloakroom: September 8 - 13

    Senate Analysis – Returning from their five-week summer vacation, Senators face an ambitious agenda that includes liberal health care reform, a cap-and-tax energy policy, financial regulatory overhaul, a new strategy in Afghanistan and, of course, appropriations. Some insiders have even mentioned comprehensive immigration and some variation of so-called “card check.” … More

    The Cloakroom: July 20 - July 26

    Major Senate Floor Action – The Senate will continue work on the National Defense Authorization Act, which provides the blueprint for our military’s priorities. Major fights are expected on F-22 funding and missile defense. Major Senate Committee Action – The Finance Committee has postponed their markup of a controversial health … More

    The Cloakroom: June 22 - June 28

    Major Senate Floor Action – The Senate will continue proceedings on the tourism bill, which we commented on earlier this week. The bill proposes that a “nonprofit corporation” be established to promote tourism in the United States. There is a $10 tax that would be placed on every visitor. The … More

    The Cloakroom: June 15 - June 21

    Major Senate Floor Action – The Senate will be considering the conference report for the Iraq and Afghanistan War Supplemental bill. The Senate is set to except language that would allow the release of prisoner abuse photos, but only after the Obama administration promised to use executive authority to block … More