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    On Global Warming, Markets Succeed Where Government Fails

    Environmentalists had a busy month trying to force federal government action on global warming. In the Senate, Environment and Public Works Committee chair Barbara Boxer (D-CA) grilled the Interior Department over delays in deciding whether or not to list the polar bear as an endangered species. In the courts, some … More

    Don't Legislate Angry Now

    There’s plenty of anger at major oil companies right now, especially in Congress. But does acting on that anger make for smart energy policy? Will it lead to the kind of measures likely to bring down high pump prices? The answer is a clear no, and in fact there’s a … More

    Cap-and-Trading Our Way to 1.8 Million Less Jobs

    The Lieberman-Warner (S.2191 – America’s Climate Security Act) could cost the United States between 1.2 and 1.8 million jobs by 2020, according to a study conducted by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). An estimated 3 to 4 million jobs could be lost by 2030. The goal of Lieberman-Warner is to … More

    Morning Bell: Avoiding Our Own Cap-and-Trade Calamity

    Possibly the scariest outcome from Super Tuesday is that the top three candidates to become president all support a cap-and-trade approach to global warming. Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Barack Obama (D-Ill.) are all smart and capable leaders, but they also have been completely engrossed in White … More

    Cap and Trade Calamity Avoided ... For Now

    On energy and environment, the President offered no big policy changes for his final year, and in particular declined to endorse any major climate change legislation targeting greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. Such cap and trade bills would do more economic harm than environmental good, and it is best … More