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    More Signs Cap and Trade Not Coming Through Congress

    This June we warned you that the left, discouraged by the utter failure of Lieberman-Warner in Congress, would instead try and implement a massive new carbon tax through bureaucratic means the same way California is doing with their California Air Resources Board. Last week we detailed how President-elect Barack Obama’s … More

    Some on Left Join Fight to Expose the Lie that is Cap and Trade

    This past summer when the Senate debated the Lieberman-Warner cap and trade plan, conservatives (and libertarians) were alone in fighting to expose the lie that cap and trade is anything other than a massive energy tax that can only harm our economy. Now, more and more on the left are … More

    Obama's New Budget Chief: Green Job Spending 'Totally Impractical'

    President-elect Barack Obama has asked the Democrat Congress to produce an economic stimulus bill that he can sign on his inauguration day. The price tag on this bill is already in the $500 billion to $1 trillion range, so it is going to be difficult to track all the boondoggle’s … More

    Finally, Some Honesty on Energy from the Left

    Michael Schellenberger and Michael Nordhaus already have taken plenty of heat from the enviro/left for their book Break Through: From the Death of Environmentalism to the Politics of Possibility. Their latest article in the American Prospect is not going to mend any fences. Schellenberger and Nordhaus write: Like conservatives who … More

    Obama to Force Cap and Trade Around Congress?

    According to Carbon Control News, President-elect Barack Obama has named Georgetown law professor Lisa Heinzerling to his Environmental Protection Agency transition team. Heinzerling authored one of the briefs in support of the enviro position in the Massachusetts vs. EPA Supreme Court case. Heinzerling told the Guardian last month: EPA has … More

    Morning Bell: We're About to Have a Jobs Terminator in Washington

    In a taped message shown yesterday to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Governors Global Climate Summit,” President-elect Barack Obama reiterated much of the same rhetoric from the campaign trail: a federal cap-and-trade system, cutting carbon emissions by 80% by 2020, $15 billion a year in new spending, and 5 million new … More

    The Left Is Still Living in a Cost Free World

    During the Senate debate over the Lieberman-Warner cap and trade bill, the Center for American Progress published a report purporting to show the ‘profits’ the federal government would create by instituting a cap and trade system for carbon. These ‘profits’ would come from the government sale of emissions permits to … More

    Is There No End to Cap and Trade's Failure?

    It is already well established that the European Union’s cap-and-trade plan has not only failed to actually reduce carbon emissions, but even if the reductions were met, they would have no impact on world temperatures. Now we learn that global collapse in commodity prices has rendered the system completley inoperable. … More

    The Global Warming Challenge

    Some of the most egregious policies implemented by Congress have been when Members failed to fully understand the costs and the benefits of that policy. Sometimes it’s haste and other times it’s failing to take into account the seen and the unseen. The question is: If Congress implements a stringent … More

    It's Not Easy Being Green

    Kermit the Frog poured his heart out when he sang, “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact, it’s quite costly to be green. But policymakers and environmentalists alike are purporting the ‘Green Revolution’ as the solution to both our financial woes and our … More