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    Missing in Action: Bush Fails to Set Standard for Defense Spending

    President Bush rightly reminded America that “cutting and running” in Iraq was a bad idea, and that renewed effort and a different strategy made all the difference. He was spot on when he said the United States must ramp-up its efforts in Afghanistan. The White House missed a real opportunity … More

    Time to Act on FISA Reform

    The clock is ticking. Congress has less than a week to pass legislation to extend the important intelligence surveillance authorities of the Protect America Act before they expire. President Bush declared “the time to act is now.” That was a reasonable request given that we know that terrorists are out … More

    Technology Not Part of Bush's Speech

    According to eWeek’s Roy Mark, the word “Internet” has never appeared in a State of the Union address by George W. Bush. Nor has the word “broadband.” Or “digital.” Or “spectrum.” “Technology” has only appeared about a dozen times in the seven previous speeches, reports the online journal. The President … More

    Cap and Trade Calamity Avoided ... For Now

    On energy and environment, the President offered no big policy changes for his final year, and in particular declined to endorse any major climate change legislation targeting greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. Such cap and trade bills would do more economic harm than environmental good, and it is best … More

    America Can't Afford Inaction on Entitlements

    President Bush’s State of the Union message once again calls on Congress to address the coming tsunami of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid costs. With 77 million baby boomers retiring, the ratio of taxpaying workers to retirees will fall to just 2:1. In the absence of reform, America would have … More

    Bush's Education Legacy

    In education, as in so many other areas, President Bush is looking to establish his legacy. On No Child Left Behind, no one will be surprised that the President once again called on Congress to reauthorize this landmark law. But the odds of that happening decrease by the day. For … More

    Health Care Affordability Through Real Competition

    President Bush has zeroed in on the key weakness of the American health care system: the inequitable and unfair federal tax treatment of health insurance. If Americans cannot get health coverage through the job, then they get no tax break at all on the purchase of their health insurance, forcing … More

    Positive Pork Reform, but Also a Missed Opportunity

    Taxpayers should welcome President Bush’s pledge in the State of the Union to veto spending bills that do not cut the number of earmarks in half. At the same time, Bush could have done so much more to address the surge in earmarks. Last year’s State of the Union message … More

    A Strong Economy Needs Low Tax Rates, Not Rebates

    President Bush is correct in saying “the long run, Americans can be confident about our economic growth.” Despite the current economic slowdown, productivity remains healthy and most economic fundamentals are strong. The U.S. economy will recover from this slowdown. However, tax rebates and more government spending will not accelerate any … More

    RSC Chairman Pushes Members on Earmark Pledge

    Rep. Jeb Hensarling, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, tonight called on the House Republican leadership team, appropriators and ranking committee members to give up earmarks as part of Minority Leader John Boehner’s pledge to impose an earmark moratorium. Support from Hensarling gives Boehner a much-needed boost in his bid … More