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    ACLU Far From the Border

    The ACLU is not happy. Last week and earlier this week I wrote a series of blog posts about my trip to the Tucson sector of the U.S.-Mexico border and the challenges facing the Border Patrol. The “official” ACLU blog took exception to my observations on three points: Objecting to … More

    Crossing Future Borders

    TUCSON, Ariz–Finishing my visit to the border back at Nogales, Ariz., the busiest port of entry in the state, it is easy to see the biggest future enemy to border security—growth. The biggest problem in Nogales is that the cities on both side and cross-border trade exploded at the same … More

    Border of the Future

    TUCSON, Ariz–Visiting the operations of “P-28″–the prototype of Homeland Security’s future “virtual fence”  –with the Border Patrol made me more optimistic about the future of the program called the Secure Border Initiative or SBI Net. The virtual fence is not a “magic bullet” or even a substitute for “real fences” … More

    Virtual Fences Can Help Make Real Good Neighbors

    TUCSON, AZ: During my visit to the Tucson border area, I visited “P-28,” a test-bed of cameras, radar, and other sensors that cover 28 miles of the border. Often referred to as the “virtual fence,” it was the first step in the Secure Border Initiative or “SBI Net,” Homeland Security’s … More

    The Great Wall

    TUCSON, AZ: Congress is not smarter than the Border Patrol. Congress was right to fund the Department Homeland Security’s request to build barriers along the border, but wrong to specify specifically where and how much border fence has to be built—or judge progress in border security on just building the … More

    Border Talk—Who are You?

    TUCSON, AZ: “Who are You?” That’s the question CBP agents worry about millions of times every day when people cross U.S. borders. During my visit to the port of entry in Nogales, Arizona—I learned about better ways to get that question asked and answered. Knowing who you are is a … More

    Turning the Tide in the Border Battles

    TUCSON, AZ: I’ve been blogging about my visit to the area around Nogales, Arizona, listing all the troubles caused by broken borders. Now, as Paul Harvey most famously says, here is “the rest of the story.” At the Nogales, port of entry, one of the busiest land crossings on the … More

    Going Green on the Border

    TUCSON, AZ: Saving the environment starts at the nation’s edge. I saw plenty of evidence of that on my trip to the U.S/Mexico border area near Tucson. The wilds and wildlife of the American Southwest are other victims of our broken borders that seldom get discussed. Illegal border crossers cut … More

    Killing Time on the Border

    TUCSON, ARIZ.—Here is what I found on visit to the border in Arizona—people die on the border because of lack of adequate security. It is easy to add up the real costs of border insecurity—they are pretty daunting. They include violence and crime that prey on communities on both sides … More

    Border Blogging

    TUCSON, AZ: Folks in Washington think that they not only have all the answers, they think they don’t have to leave town to get them. They’re wrong. “Washington does not have all the answers.” There is no issue that that truism is truer for than understanding the challenge of securing … More