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    Live Blogging the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program: The Cowardice of Big Labor

    DIRKSEN SENATE OFFICE BUILDING – Sen. George Voinivich (R-OH) is giving his statement. He talks about the history. He explains how he signed into law the Cleveland school voucher program as governor. He explains how he had to fight the special interest groups like the NEA. He says that the … More

    The End of Federalism: Big Labor Edition

    Last week we noted that the Obama administration’s stimulus package had made the federal government, for the first time in our nation’s history, the main source of income for state and local governments. We warned at the time: [A]s states become more dependent on federal funding, they begin to lose … More

    Don't Let Government Lawyers Run American Businesses

    Last year Former South Dakota senator and 1972 Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern came out against the Orwellian named “Employee Free Choice Act” because it would destroy a worker’s right to secret ballot elections. This week, McGovern has another op-ed, this time explaining how the binding arbitration portions of EFCA … More

    Obama Enables Union Corruption

    In August of 2008, the president of the largest SEIU local in the country, former-Los Angeles local member Tyrone Freeman, resigned after the Los Angeles Times revealed that Freeman fleeced his fellow union members — who make about $9 an hour caring for the infirm and disabled — of over $1 … More

    The Big Labor Threat to Charter School Success

    Last week we helped detail how teachers unions were trying to kill the charter school movement in New York. Yesterday the New York Times profiled one teacher’s involvement in the big labor/school choice war: After months of soul-searching, Kashi Nelson left her career as an assistant principal in North Carolina … More

    The Union War on Charter Schools Annotated

    Great op-ed by Manhattan Institute senior fellow Jay Greene on big labor’s war against education reform in the WSJ yesterday. We don’t have much too add, but we did go ahead and provide links to the studies he cites: On education policy, appeasement is about as ineffective as it is … More

    Big Labor's Big Payoff

    Quid Pro Quo. The American Heritage Dictionary defines this Latin phrase as “an equal exchange or substitution.” Here’s another definition: When 17 United States Senators and Representatives accept contributions in excess of $359,000 during the 2006 and 2008 congressional elections from political action committees (PACs) funded by several major labor … More

    'Huffing And Puffing' Till We Blow Business Down

    The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday: “… FedEx may cancel plans to buy as many as 30 new Boeing planes should Congress pass a bill that would remove truck drivers, couriers and other employees at FedEx’s Express unit from the jurisdiction of the federal Railway Labor Act of 1926, … More

    Stop This Trade War Before It Starts

    The Washington Post editorializes today: As President Obama and many of his supporters articulated it during the 2008 campaign, the case against President George W. Bush’s foreign policy emphasized his highhanded treatment of countries with which we disagree. Too often going it alone in pursuit of asserted national interests, the … More

    Wild Work Places

    What does creating an “enduring legacy for America’s wild places,” have to do with denying employees the right to vote by secret ballot during a union organizing election? Nothing—or so it seemed until the earlier this week, when the Sierra Club began urging its members to support the misnamed Employee … More