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    U.N. General Assembly Adopts the Arms Trade Treaty

    This morning, by a vote of 154 nations in favor (including the United States), 23 abstentions, and three against (Syria, North Korea, and Iran), the U.N. General Assembly adopted the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). The treaty will be open for national signature on June 3, 2013, and will enter into … More

    Stanislaw Shushkevich: Medal for a Hero

    On March 26, Stanislaw Shushkevich, the former president of Belarus, made a difficult trip to the U.S. in order to speak about the difficult human rights situation in his country. His itinerary included a presentation at The Heritage Foundation’s Pennsylvania Avenue office. Lee Edwards, Heritage Distinguished Fellow in Conservative Thought … More

    Tymoshenko Verdict May Push Ukraine Toward Russia

    Today, a regional court in Kyiv has found Yuliya Tymoshenko, Ukraine’s former prime minister and leading opposition figure, guilty of “abuse of office” stemming from her role in the 2009 Ukraine–Russia gas deal. The sentence includes a seven-year prison term with an additional three-year prohibition to hold political office, as … More

    Russian Advances in Central Eastern Europe

    Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw (Radek) Sikorski was probably being polite when he described, in a conference call on Friday with U.S. policy experts, the U.S. government as “a friend of the Eastern Partnership” initiative, a Polish-Swedish venture within the EU, which covers Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, and the three countries of … More

    Pipeline Threats to Europe?

    Have Russia’s oil and gas replaced Cossack squadrons and tank divisions as the means to intimidate Europe? Will pipeline routes create new dependencies in the 21st century which may force the NATO alliance come apart at the seams? Nord Stream is a gas pipeline between Russia and Germany, with spurs … More

    Russia-Belarus Relations Go Nowhere

    MOSCOW – Both Presidents arrived at their meeting armed with lists of unfulfilled promises. but the latest meeting between Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Belarussian leader Alexander Lukashenko yielded no tangible results. Economic factors prevail in Minsk’s complaints – Belarus has yet to receive the promised 2nd tranche of Russia’s … More

    Russia Loses Allies

    MOSCOW – The Kremlin has not had a good week with its putative allies. Russia’s ban on imports of Belarussian dairy products (under claims they failed technical requirements) has stirred a strong political response from Minsk. The excuse of their failure to meet technical requirements has stirred a strong political … More