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    Morning Bell: Christmas in September

    For most Americans, there are 100 shopping days left until Christmas. But for the special interests in Washington, there are only 10 shopping days left with Congress tentatively set to adjourn for the year on Sept. 26. One would hope the financial turmoil on Wall Street would give legislators pause … More

    This Week in Washington: Sept 15, 2008

    The two big issues in Washington this week are drilling and bailing out the automakers. Drill, baby, drill. For years, Congress has banned oil and natural gas drilling on most of America’s Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). Less than two weeks ago, the Republican convention erupted with chants of “Drill, Baby, … More

    Bailing Out Detroit: Wrong Vehicle for Change

    Nothing gathers a crowd in Washington like the sight of money being handed out.  Thus, in the wake of last weekend’s federal takeover of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, lobbyists for the automobile industry could be found stalking the halls of Congress, asking for help from the government too.  Specifically, … More

    A Bailout? A Fraud? or Both?

    Great editorial from the Wall Street Journal exposing the mendacity of liberals trying to pass a bill that will allow the federal government to buy student loans directly from privately lenders. The WSJ links to a letter from Rep. George Miller (D-CA) claiming his bill “will carry no cost for … More

    Must Read Housing Bailout Q&A

    Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Bill Steigerwald posted a great Q&A interaction with Heritage housing expert Ron Utt this weekend. Excerpts include: Q: Is this subprime mortgage lending crisis sort of the final extension of this idea of liberalizing home buying? Is this what we get when we push it too far and … More

    We're All In This Together... Whether You Like It or Not

    USA Today’s take on the mortgage mess posed a crucial question: “Should taxpayers in Vermont be asked to bail out home buyers in Nevada?” The nation’s No.1 newspaper went on to note: “The answer now taking shape in Washington appears to be, ‘Yes.’” But the multi-billion dollar question for taxpayers … More

    Upcoming Housing Bill Panders to Democrats' New Base

    When Congress passed its economic “stimulus” package this February, lawmakers tried to make it look like the plan would help lower-income Americans while not benefiting the rich. They made the $600 tax credit ($1,200 for married couples) refundable and excluded anyone making more than $87,000 ($174,000 for couples) from qualifying. … More

    Morning Bell: Stop the Bailout Parade Before It Gets Worse

    Now that the Senate has passed its “Foreclosure Enhancement Act,” attention turns to the House, which will hold hearings on its own response to the housing “crisis.” As the Christian Science Monitor reports, “at the heart of the emerging consensus is a bigger role for the Federal Housing Administration in … More

    Don't 'Do Something' Americans Are Against

    Congress has returned from their spring break to mounting pressure to “do something” about the current financial turmoil. The Hill reports: “Republican senators have spent the recess hearing complaints from constituents about foreclosures and falling home prices, and they feel pressure to act by passing legislation.” Before Congress starts passing … More