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    The Arms Trade Treaty: Reactions to the Final Draft

    At noon on Wednesday, Peter Woolcott, the president of the U.N. Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), released the last draft of the treaty. The only further changes will be technical corrections: As Woolcott put it, this is a take-it-or-leave-it document. This latest draft contains a substantial number of … More

    The Arms Trade Treaty, Week Two: As the U.N. Talks, the Senate Acts

    At the United Nations, review continues of the latest draft of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) that was unveiled on Friday. The temperature of the conference is notably lower now, and there is a renewed sense that Thursday is likely to bring agreement on a treaty. True, the Arabs and … More

    The Arms Trade Treaty, Week 2: The Treaty Is Getting Worse

    Late on Friday, the president of the U.N. Conference negotiating the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) released his latest draft of the treaty. A final draft will supposedly come out Wednesday evening, but the changes between now and then should not be substantial, as delegations will then not have time to … More

    The Arms Trade Treaty, Days Four and Five: As the Temperature Rises, the Doors Close

    The row between China and the European Union at the U.N. conference on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) got Thursday off to a heated start. By the time Friday came to a close, it seemed possible that the conference might collapse into the same acrimonious confusion that ended last July’s … More

    The Arms Trade Treaty, Day Four: As a New Draft Arrives, China Speaks and the EU Begs

    The fireworks at the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) conference in New York started late on Wednesday. By Thursday afternoon, the atmosphere, which had in previous days been calm, felt like last July, when the last negotiating conference collapsed into failure. The fun began with an intervention on Wednesday by … More

    The Arms Trade Treaty, Day Three: Turning Up the Pressure on the U.S.

    As the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) conference moved through its third day, the isolation of the United States became ever clearer. The U.S. position is that the current text of the treaty, negotiated last July, needs to be better drafted but should not be substantially changed. Yesterday, it became … More

    Is Ammunition a Flash Point in the Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations?

    One of the most discussed issues at the U.N.’s Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) conference is whether ammunition should be fully included in the scope of the treaty. Predictably, opinion at the conference is strongly (though not universally) in favor of full inclusion. This mistake illustrates the broader fallacies of the … More

    Arms Trade Treaty, Day Two: Human Rights and Non-State Actors

    The morning’s discussion at the U.N. on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) brought into focus one of the underlying tensions among the nations negotiating the treaty. While the holier-than-thou contingent wants to use it as a way to restrain oppressive governments, the autocracies view it as a way to prevent … More

    The Arms Trade Treaty, Day One: Potential Roadblocks to Agreement

    The “final” negotiating conference on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) opened in New York at the United Nations on Monday. As we have explained, we believe the ATT is a bad idea, will not work, and poses numerous prudential risks to U.S. interests. But now that the conference has started, … More

    The Arms Trade Treaty and the Second Amendment: The Dangers of Transnationalism

    On February 26, the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Center for Human Rights issued a white paper on the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which concludes that “the proposed ATT is consistent with the Second Amendment.” This conclusion neglects important facts about the treaty and the processes surrounding it, which we … More