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    In the Green Room: David Goldhill on How American Health Care Killed His Father

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvHPTq3L4Y4[/youtube] David Goldhill is President and CEO of the Game Show Network and has run numerous businesses during his career. When his father died of  a hospital-borne infection two years ago he began researching the entire U.S. health care system, analyzing it with the keen eye of a businessman. What he learned … More

    Medicare: Largest Denier Of Health Care Claims

    According to AMA’s National Health Insurance Report Card, Medicare denies 6.85 percent of its claims, higher than any private insurer (Aetna was second, denying 6.80 percent of its claims), and more than double any private insurer’s average. What’s fascinating is that The American Medical Association (AMA) has endorsed a public option, … More

    Former AMA Presidents Offer Second Opinion

    President Barack Obama pitched his health care reform plan, again, today this time in front of 150 doctors in the White House Rose Garden. Despite the fact that the invitation-only guest list drew heavily from a pro-government-run health plan group, Obama still took no questions and allowed no doctors to … More