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    Rep. Graves: Reform ‘Bankrupt,’ ‘Messy’ Federal Highway Program

    Transportation funding reform would empower states to more efficiently complete transportation projects with “fewer Washington strings attached,” Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) said today at The Heritage Foundation’s Conservative Policy Summit. Graves touted highway program reforms in which authority “would be transferred to the states” through block grants. The states would … More

    Obama DOJ Should Respect State Authority on Marriage

    Attorney General Eric Holder announced last week a new Department of Justice policy regarding marriage: “[E]ven in states where same-sex marriages are not recognized, the federal government will not use state views as a basis to object to someone in a same-sex marriage invoking this right.” As justification for this … More

    Hensarling at Policy Summit: Window Closing on Housing Finance Reform

    Congress ought to reform the nation’s housing finance system before a favorable opportunity closes in the next few months, Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) said today in a discussion of  approaches, including his own PATH Act. The time is ripe to change “this unsustainable, unconscionable, and unfair system” by ushering in … More

    Physician Lawmakers: We Have Plenty of Ideas for Reforming America’s Health Care Sector

    Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.) admitted today he almost had “a [Rep.] Joe Wilson moment” when he heard President Obama claim at the recent State of the Union Address that Republicans do not have any ideas for reforming the health care sector. Wilson, a Republican House representative from South Carolina, shouted … More

    Cruz: Energy Renaissance Key to Economic Growth, Without ‘Government Getting in the Way’

    Government over-reach and stifling regulations are sabotaging job growth from the American energy renaissance, according to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). “We are seeing extraordinary developments in energy that are opening up resources that five or ten years ago would have been unimaginable,” Cruz said at the Heritage Foundation’s Conservative Policy … More

    #WhatWomenNeed Hashtag Pushes Abortion for Valentine’s Day

    An abortion for Valentine’s Day? That’s what Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards proposes in a new Vine video posted to Twitter, featuring the trending Valentine’s Day hashtag, #WhatWomenNeed. #WhatWomenNeed for Valentine’s Day: http://t.co/6oQu28YZMa — Cecile Richards (@CecileRichards) February 10, 2014 The hashtag was started by House Democrats last week, with … More

    The NAACP’s Hypocrisy on Voter ID

    Katie McHugh of the Daily Caller has a great story that really shows the hypocrisy of voter ID opponents: the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP is organizing a protest march against the state’s new voter ID law, but the flyer being handed out to participants tells them that they … More

    Jordan at Policy Summit: Let’s Encourage Work

    Legislation to hold increases in total welfare spending to inflation and to require able-bodied adults on food stamps to get a job or seek one will refocus attention on the dignity of work, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) said today. When government policies “disincentivize work,” Jordan said, “we are robbing people … More