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    Jeb Bush
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    Change Never Happens: Watch Politicians Promise Every Year They Won’t Raise the Debt Ceiling (VIDEO)

    In a move about as a surprising as snow in the winter, the Senate voted today to suspend the debt ceiling. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have a long history of pledging not to hike the debt ceiling – and then going on to do just that (over … More

    Toy Doll's Fake Gun Confiscated at Airport

    Security officials at Heathrow Airport work hard to keep travelers safe. Recently, a man who regularly travels with Toy Story‘s Sheriff Woody at his side to take photos for his son  had the Sheriff’s weapon confiscated at the security checkpoint. He posted this photo to Reddit on Thursday and it … More

    Obama's War on Work

    The cleverest spin to come from the Left these days has been that not working—or working less—is a great thing for Americans. A recent Congressional Budget Office revealed that there will be the equivalent of 2.3 million fewer workers joining the labor market over the next decade as a direct … More

    Workers at Volkswagen Plant Resist Unionization

    Volkswagen Team Member Testimonials from Otto Worker on Vimeo. More than 1,550 workers at a Volkswagen manufacturing plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee will begin voting today to decide whether they will join the United Auto Workers union for representation through a works council. Meanwhile, the National Labor Relations Board three-day election … More

    How to Love on Liberty this Valentine's Day

    It’s only February, and 2014 has already proven itself to be rough for liberty lovers. But with Valentine’s Day days away and love in the air, we’re equipping you with the tools to remind Washington what it means to love America. Here’s five cards that don’t require a Valentine to … More

    Bring Back the Debt Ceiling

    Congress is in the process of abdicating its power to control the borrowing of the U.S. government, at a time when the national debt exceeds $17 trillion and continues growing unabated. It waived this power twice last year, “suspending” the debt limit and thereby granting the U.S. Treasury temporary blank-check … More