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    When Presidents Upheld the Law

    Today is known as “President’s Day,” a three-day weekend retailers use to lend an air of Founding-era seriousness to their sales. But its legal name is Washington’s birthday—and how appropriate to reflect on a President who took his bearings from the Constitution while serving in office. George Washington “understood himself … More

    Workers Choose Not to Turn Chattanooga Into Detroit

    Three weeks ago I traveled to Chattanooga, Tenn., on behalf of the Beacon Institute to educate workers and community leaders on the perils of unionizing the 3,000-worker Volkswagen plant. My message: beware turning Chattanooga, a surprisingly fast-growing metro area in the South, into Detroit. So when the plant workers rejected … More

    Americans Can Unite Around 'Core Ideas,' DeMint Says on 'Face the Nation'

    Although Democrats in Congress willingly gave President Obama “a blank check” to borrow more money last week and most Republicans didn’t, Americans are tired of such partisan fights in Washington and ready to rally around “core ideas,” Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint said this morning on “Face the Nation.” “America … More

    Forget Obamacare. Get Worried About ObamaLoans.

    The U.S. government is simultaneously trying to shut down a legitimate industry and replace it with a taxpayer backed version. Pretty much everyone has heard of Obamacare by now, but what about ObamaLoans? No, this is not a joke. Section 1205 of Dodd-Frank included a provision that turned a local … More

    The American Dream Still Can Happen

    One of the most important principles underlying the American dream is upward mobility — the ability to move up the income ladder. The freedom to build a better life for yourself and your family fuels the dreams not only of immigrants who came here to live, but of those born … More

    United Nations Disregards Vatican

    The international “smart set” regularly chastises the United States for not ratifying the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). One need only look to a recent report by the CRC’s treaty committee for full justification of U.S. reticence. Human-rights “experts” on U.N. treaty bodies like the Committee … More

    Obamacare Is Murdering Jobs

    Fewer Americans either have or are looking for jobs today than at any point since 1978 — and President Obama’s health care law is about to make this problem much worse. The Congressional Budget Office just estimated the Affordable Care Act will eliminate the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs a … More

    Rumsfeld: Clinton Was Responsible for Lack of Protection in Benghazi

    Donald Rumsfeld, a man who doesn’t mince his words, placed the blame for the Benghazi disaster squarely on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in an interview posted by Breitbart TV on Thursday. Others, like the British government and the International Red Cross, were aware how dangerous Benghazi was and … More

    Hey Kids: Have a Cocktail Today, Because Obamacare Is Cool

    Today has been dubbed “Youth Enrollment Day” for Obamacare. Of course, when they say “youth,” they’re talking about 20-somethings who aren’t on their parents’ plans. So maybe it’s “Mid- to Late-Twenties Enrollment Day.” And thanks to poorly planned site maintenance by the Social Security Administration, HealthCare.gov will actually be down … More

    D.C. Shut Down During Snowstorm, but Tomb of Unknown Soldier Remained Guarded

      While the people of Washington, D.C., enjoyed their snow day Thursday, it’s important to remember those who serve our country and who can’t stop when weather conditions become dangerous or unfavorable. It’s even more important to remember that they chose, and continue to choose, to serve our country here … More