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    American Pastor, Family 'Watch with Disbelief' in Ukraine Crisis

    An e-mail late yesterday from a pastor doing mission work near Kiev provides a window into the fear and hope among those watching Russian troops advance as the crisis in Ukraine unfolds. “The situation is tense. We, as well as the nation of Ukraine, covet your prayers,” the Rev. Gerard … More

    WATCH: Heritage @ South by Southwest (SXSW)

    South by Southwest (SXSW) is the nation’s premier conference for innovation and technology — and this year, the Heritage Foundation will be there. The conference, held in Austin, Texas, begins Friday, March 7th and will feature Heritage Vice-President of Foreign Policy, James Carafano. Carafano will host his own session, concentrating … More

    Happy Fat (Budget) Tuesday from President Obama

    While many Americans are celebrating Fat Tuesday in anticipation of the season of Lent that begins tomorrow, the President has dropped a brand new “fat” budget proposal for fiscal year 2015. Heritage Foundation experts have begun digging into the proposal, and they’re documenting the increases in federal involvement and spending. … More

    Live Analysis: Heritage Experts Weigh In On Obama's 2015 Budget

    Today the White House released President Barack Obama’s budget for fiscal year 2015. Assembled below is commentary on Obama’s budget written by The Heritage Foundation’s research experts. Keep watching this post for all the latest updates.  Obama’s 2015 Budget: A Vision That Big and Expensive Government Is Necessary for American … More

    Questions About Ukraine? Experts Discuss Live at Noon

    While you were sleeping, Russian military personnel fired warning shots above the heads of Ukrainian soldiers in the Crimean peninsula. Additionally, Reuters is reporting that pro-Russian authorities are cutting off water and electricity to Ukrainian soldiers. And as if that wasn’t enough drama, Russian President Vladimir Putin is largely ignoring … More

    Obama and the Red Crayon

    Lines don’t mean anything to President Obama. Domestically, he has no trouble stepping outside the lines of the law—even laws he championed—to suit his agenda. When it comes to foreign policy, he has a red crayon he likes to pull out from time to time—but it’s the washable kind. No … More

    Why Obama's Budget Should Be Dead On Arrival

    Barack Obama keeps saying that there isn’t a government program for every problem, but his new near-$4 trillion 2015 budget suggests just the opposite. There is more federal money here for everything from changing the planet’s temperature to green energy to transit systems to nowhere to expanded welfare state programs … More