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    DeMint on State of the Union: Obama 'Has Acted Like Playground Bully'

    Fellow Americans, I’m Jim DeMint with the Heritage Foundation. You will hear much this week about the state of our union, but we know one thing already – our union will be much weaker and even more divided if the President attempts to rule the country by itself. President Obama … More

    Why The Farm Bill Is A Fiasco

    We’ll be updating this blog throughout the afternoon and night as Heritage experts examine the farm bill, so please keep refreshing for updates. — Katrina Trinko Another Unrelated Program Added to the Farm Bill The logrolling only has gotten worse with the new farm bill. The farm bill includes the … More

    The Tired State of the Union Redux

    Will this be the most anti-climactic State of the Union speech ever? Quite possibly, yes. At least in previous iterations, there was an element of suspense regarding the speech’s actual content. Not this time. For weeks, if not months, the President and his surrogates have telegraphed how the State of … More

    Father of Benghazi Victim to Attend SOTU

    President Obama may not speak of the tragedy in Benghazi at tonight’s State of the Union address, but the father of a former Navy SEAL who was killed in the attacks will be in attendance. Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) will host the father of Ty Woods, Charles Woods, at the … More

    Spiritual Leaders of the Caucasus Extremists: The Enemies of the Olympics

    Radical Islamists of the North Caucasus are not the only ones threatening Russia’s security on the eve of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. They are being supported with weapons, money and “spiritual” guidance from major figures of Sunni radical movements such as Salafi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Terrorist attacks … More

    Minimum Wage Has Followed the Productivity And Prices of Minimum Wage Jobs

    Proponents of increasing the minimum wage have argued that the current minimum wage of $7.25 per hour is drastically lower than it should be and that the minimum wage has not kept pace with inflation and productivity growth. Some have claimed that the minimum wage would be $17 today, or … More