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    Al Qaeda Defeat Supported in Afghanistan, So Why Not in Iraq?

    The verdict is in: Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) is on the ropes. Apparently this extraordinary news has not reached everyone though. A New York Times opinion article today points to the desperate need for increased focus on Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, while discounting the same efforts in Iraq. The … More

    Fighting the Battle of Border Security on Both Fronts

    The US has pledged $400 million to Mexico to help in the fight against drug and weapons smuggling and put a stop to an issue that often plagues the US-Mexican border at its source. However, in a recent Houston Chronicle article, Texas Sheriffs are criticizing the Merida Initiative because it … More

    Women and the Illegal Workforce

    Women are again charging into what was once seen as a realm that was only populated by men—the illegal immigrant workforce. After a recent raid of a factory in Texas, where the majority of those detained were women, the Houston Chronicle published an article discussing this new trend. With heightened … More

    Gangs Bring Violence Throughout Western Hemisphere

    While the days of the organized crime of The Sopranos are over, the policies that were used to fight them have been revived in the struggle against domestic and international organized crime. These strategies in combination with a new interagency coalition are seeking to not only combat gang crime, but … More

    Illegal Immigration in Workplace Would Be 'No Match' for DHS

    With an estimated 12 million to 15 million illegal immigrants in the United States, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) certainly has a lot on its plate. However, many are now criticizing ICE for its lack of action not against illegal immigrants, but American citizens. In raids since October 2007, ICE … More

    Good News From Pakistan

    The Washington Times reports today: The United States has a standing agreement with Pakistan that CIA-operated Predator drones may strike Osama bin Laden’s hide-out without prior permission from Islamabad, according to people familiar with the arrangement. One source said the free hand — an exception in a country politically sensitive … More

    How to Succeed Politically in Bizarro World

    Let’s say you are the mayor of a major U.S. city and that since your first day in office you’ve been subverting federal laws designed to protect our country. And let’s say that after one of your city’s employees was arrested by federal officials for subverting federal law, instead of … More

    Defeating Terrorists in Pakistan

    Reports out of Pakistan indicate that the government’s peace deals with pro-Taliban insurgents in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan are falling apart amidst a new military offensive designed to secure the city of Peshawar. The government’s near-term objective is to push back the militants of a group called the Army … More

    These Are The 'Geniuses' We Want Protecting Our Border?

    Today’s David Brooks column details where the left’s campaign cash is coming from including “Goldman Sachs geniuses” “employees of the University of California” and “professionals, like lawyers and media types.” Brooks explains: “Over the past several years, the highly educated coastal rich have been engaged in a little culture war … More

    'Because You Told Us To'

    Last year Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) inserted language into the fiscal 2008 intelligence authorization bill forcing the National Intelligence Council to issue a report on the national security implications of climate change. This Wednesday the NIC released its report, and liberals in Congress got the all the lazy alarmist headlines … More