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    Teamsters and Congress Deliver Costly Protectionism

    Fears that pro-Teamster protectionists in Congress would seek to kill the U.S. Department of Transportation’s “Cross Border Demonstration Project”, that has allowed a carefully selected group of Mexican trucking operators full access to the U.S. road network have been realized. The Supplemental FY 2009 Omnibus spending bill (aka “Porkulus II”) … More

    Al-Marri To Be Indicted In Federal District Court

    According to various news outlets, including the Washington Post, al-Marri (also known as Abdulkareen A. Almuslam), the last remaining unlawful enemy combatant in the United States, is about to be indicted in federal district court in the Central District of Illinois. The news stories indicated that he will be charged … More

    Towards Security in Pakistan and Afghanistan

    National Journal is hosting an informative online forum this week on the Obama Administration’s strategy in Afghanistan. Heritage’s James Carafano identified the main points of a good strategy: Have the Pakistanis deal with the terrorist threat in their tribal areas, while Coalition forces defeat them in Afghanistan. Work to lessen … More

    Cold War What?

    The more I think about the line from president’s speech that he will save money by “not paying for Cold War-era weapons systems we don’t use,” the more I can’t figure out what he could possibly mean. There are Cold War weapons we have not used—nuclear weapons. It is a … More

    The Sound of Silence

    On February 10th of this year a U.S. satellite that was part of the Iridium global communications network suddenly went silent. A dead Russian satellite had smashed into the U.S. satellite sending space debris everywhere. While the media treated the incident like a road accident, the story should serve as … More

    More Detainee Sanity from White House

    The Heritage Foundation has long argued that the Department of Defense’s detention of combatants picked up on the battlefield was consistent with both the Geneva Conventions and U.S. law. The ACLU and other activists strongly disagreed with this position ad hoped the Obama Administration would reverse this policy. Instead, the … More

    Homeland Security = Global Mission

    Globalization has touched every aspect of modern life. Today, not just imports, exports, and jobs, but terrorists attacks—both their planning and prevention—are international affairs. Some of the Saudi 9/11 hijackers plotted parts of their attacks in Hamburg, Germany as well as in Florida. Safe havens in Latin America facilitate recruiting, … More

    Don't Let Terror Stop Trade on U.S.-Canada Border

    Meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper yesterday, President Barack Obama emphasized their commitment to mutual security. Prime Minister Harper went so far as to recognize that “threats to the United States are threats to Canada.” While both men are right to recognize the need for a strong security alliance … More

    On Detainee Treatment, Sanity Still Prevailing at the White House

    Last week we congratulated the Obama Administration for choosing the security of the American people over the bumper sticker slogans of the far left. Today, the New York Times details the Obama Administration’s continued prudence on some key national security issues: During her confirmation hearing last week, Elena Kagan, the … More

    DHS IG: Keep FEMA IN

    The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Inspector General Richard Skinner published a white paper this week that reiterates the need to keep FEMA in DHS. IG Skinner cites three reasons for keeping FEMA in DHS. First, making serious changes to the “homeland security apparatus” could put the system in haywire—jeopardizing … More