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    Reporting and news analysis on policy issues from The Heritage Foundation.

    What Didn't Make the Cut in Stimulus Deal

    Conservatives on Capitol Hill are expressing mixed reactions to news that a deal has been struck on an economic stimulus package. Some staffers are expressing disappointment that Republicans agreed to government giveaways of $300 for individuals and up to $1,200 for families. Others said they were grateful that House Minority … More

    Good Advice for Congress: 'Stand Up or Leave'

    Lawmakers may not be giving up earmarks en masse, but the negative stigma of pork-barrel spending has rubbed off on some members of Congress. In the Senate, conservative champion Jim DeMint and veteran appropriator Ted Stevens clashed openly during a meeting late last year. DeMint acknowledged that his quest to … More

    Fact Check: Earmarks Didn't Drop Under Democrats

    The Politico reports today that fiscal conservatives face several hurdles in their quest to end earmarks, not the least of which is that “Democrats last year actually approved fewer earmarks than Republicans did when they ran Congress.” A closer look at the numbers reveals that isn’t exactly true. Liberals are … More

    Cheney Calls on Congress to Update FISA

    Vice President Cheney spoke at Heritage this morning about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, a critical tool in the government’s arsenal to fight terrorists. The law is under consideration once again by Congress, which passed temporary changes last summer. With those modifications set to expire on Feb. 1, Cheney renewed … More

    Tax Rebates Are No Laughing Matter

    Brian Riedl’s paper on economic growth and tax rebates has caused quite a stir. Over at OMB Watch, blogger Craig Jennings calls it “breathtakingly moronic” and resorts to name calling, claiming Riedl would “fail tenth-grade economics” for his analysis. (Jennings mustn’t have known Riedl studied economic policy while earning his … More

    The Do's and Don'ts of an Economic Stimulus

    President Bush and congressional Democrats appear ready to put their partisan differences behind them and strike a deal on an economic stimulus package. However, before lawmakers and the White House get too cozy, conservatives are reminding Bush to consider the consequences of issuing tax rebates — repeating a mistake his … More

    Another Reason to Copy Hong Kong: Security

    Hong Kong is the most economically free country in the world. One of the reasons it has maintained that status for 14 straight years is its top-notch port security. Heritage’s James Jay Carafano was there this week to inspect its ports and other security measures put in place to combat … More

    Blue Dog Democrat Questions Need for Stimulus Plan

    Rep. Baron Hill, a Blue Dog Democrat from Indiana, voiced concern today about the rush for Congress to pass an economic stimulus plan. During the question-and-answer portion of this morning’s hearing before the Joint Economic Committee, Hill noted that Democrats violated PAYGO rules when they passed a one-year freeze for … More

    What Should Congress Do to Avoid a Recession?

    Members of Congress turn their attention to the economy this morning with a Joint Economic Committee hearing about what lawmakers should do to avoid a recession. They’ll hear testimony from former U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, Economic Policy Institute President Lawrence Mishel and Heritage’s Bill Beach, director of our Center … More

    Need an Internship?

    The Heritage Foundation is seeking an intern for our Online Strategy Department to work on social media outreach, online advertising and issue advocacy campaigns. Applicants should have experience using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and preferably Google AdWords. Click here to send your résumé.