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    Need an Internship?

    The Heritage Foundation is seeking an intern for our Online Strategy Department to work on social media outreach, online advertising and issue advocacy campaigns. Applicants should have experience using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and preferably Google AdWords. Click here to send your résumé.

    Morning Bell: A Grown Up Approach To Energy Policy

    Britain’s Labor Party reversed its 1997 statement that it saw “no economic case for the building of any new nuclear power stations” Thursday. Energy Secretary John Hutton told the House of Commons that nuclear power “should have a role in this country’s future energy mix, alongside other low-carbon sources.” If … More

    Fred Thompson Says Bush Should Ignore Earmarks

    Just days after releasing a plan to reduce government spending, Fred Thompson continued his assault on earmarks, promising today that if elected president he would sign an executive order canceling lawmakers’ pork-barrel projects. President Bush is considering the idea, which is strongly opposed by congressional appropriators but supported by fiscal … More

    Morning Bell: Mass Deportation Is Not Needed

    A favorite straw man of the pro-amnesty crowd is that the only alternative to granting illegal immigrants citizenship is mass deportation. As a front page USA Today story on the implementation of Oklahoma’s new ‘Taxpayer Citizen Protection Act’ shows, that is simply not true. Referred to simply as ‘1804’ by … More

    McCain Supports Anti-Earmark Executive Order

    A day after his victory in the New Hampshire primary, Sen. John McCain spoke with bloggers about a variety of issues, including the option of a presidential executive order canceling earmarks in the omnibus spending bill. Erick Erickson of RedState posed the question to the Arizona senator, who has long … More

    Morning Bell: No Tax And Spend Stimulus, Please

    As Iraq has stabilized in recent months and job creation has slowed, many voters are turning their attention to economic concerns. Now that both parties are beginning to outline the principles of their preferred stimulus package, it is important conservatives prevent the left’s ‘tax and spend’ instincts from making the … More

    How to End Earmarks

    Heritage’s Mike Franc breaks down the debate over pork-barrel spending and makes the case for President Bush to end earmarks in our latest Heritage in Focus video. Franc highlights one of the nearly 10,000 earmarks in the omnibus bill: a gas station in the Ohio district of Rep. Dave Hobson.

    President Bush's Legacy Comes Down to Earmarks

    Picking up on the theme laid out by Heritage’s Mike Franc last week in Human Events, today John Fund writes in the Wall Street Journal about President Bush’s legacy on fiscal responsibility: This week President Bush will make one of the most important decisions of his remaining time in office. … More

    Explaining The Fantasy Based Community

    Why The Netroots Aren’t Rejoicing Over Obama’s Caucus Win It finally happened. The droves of young voters motivated to ‘change’ Washington finally showed up in large enough numbers to give a ‘movement’ candidate a surprising and convincing electoral victory. If this was 2004 and the candidate was Howard Dean, the … More

    Morning Bell: Protecting Their Fragile Progress

    22-year-old Iraqi student Ridaa al-Azzawi told Reuters New Years Eve, “The security has changed and it took us by surprise. We’re very happy. Especially us young people.” While the statistics support al-Azzawi’s personal observations, liberals back in the United States are threatening to pull the plug Iraq’s nascent peace. According … More